YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting (huge plus)

YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting Says Tom Pickett, Head of YouTube Operations

In an interview with Reuters news service, Pickett, on Thursday 4-12, during a visit to India went on to say…

“As we think of incorporating Google Plus type functionality we think we can get a better dialogue going and a social platform that’s not just YouTube but it’s actually a common piece that cuts across all Google products.”

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Youtube, the massively dominant video sharing website owned by Google, aims to spruce up its social networking skills through better integration across platforms, and hopes to more than double annual ad revenue in emerging markets like India, the top executive said.

“YouTube has been lacking great social features. Commenting and sharing have been part of YouTube, but the experiences could be much better than they are.”

YouTube says it gets around 800 million unique users every month. India is the second-biggest source of content for YouTube, after the United States.

Pickett said YouTube was working on areas such as the comments section of the site, which doesn’t allow users to log in from other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

9 comments on “YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting (huge plus)

  1. Hey Chris

    I’ve been following your updates on G+ and implementing what I can
    with some success.

    For some reason, I cannot get my google plus profile to show against
    my content in search results?

    I’m pretty sure I have everything in place.

    Do you think this might be due to me being in Ireland?

    It’s the only reason I can think of and I know it sounds odd, but my site
    ranks in search, is google plus connected (using your code/scripts for the widget etc)
    but I’m still not showing against my content. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance…

  2. Great news! I hope they do more integration like this. I’d love to see it used for comments all over the web.

    Neil Ashworth, I’m not sure how long you’ve waited but Google will have to recrawl your website again before it starts to show up. So it will gradually show up as they crawl your pages again. Now if it’s been a month and you don’t have anything yet then you might have other issues.

  3. Barend on said:

    Can we please get a G+ share button on Youtube?

  4. I have to say it was coming, because google owns this. I am not surprised I actually think they are timing everything really nicely.

  5. Barend, there is a G+ share button on YouTube, it’s the +1 button. When you +1 something off of Google+ you can also choose to share it to your stream with message.

  6. Barend, after you click the +1 button on YT videos, a window pops up with the option to share.

  7. Fantastic! Google just keep getting better all the time! Thanks for the great news!

  8. Chris, do you think the enhanced commenting connection between G+ and YT will end up in the Channel Feed area? Or will they need to build a new ‘place’ for that conversation to happen.

    I can see a phase in – if a YT video is posted inside G+, then the comments from there may be seen on the normal YT comments page and vice versa (comments on YT page show up inside G+ posted video).

    Your thoughts on how/where the integration happens?

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