YouTube is Now a Social Bookmarking Site

YouTube rolls out the first social features of Google Friend Connect on YouTube and YouTube is now a social bookmarking site. Digg eat your heart out.

The money maker here is that if you are number one in a YouTube search for a term, you will also be in the top 10 for that same term in a Google search.

Think millions of searches, a high ticket item, huge profits, just for getting 1 million YouTube views.

YouTube is now a social bookmarking site.

6 comments on “YouTube is Now a Social Bookmarking Site

  1. Margie D on said:

    Hi Chris..
    “YouTube” Is a social bookmarking site, this is valuable information…
    As always you do have many powerful tips to help leverage success in anyone’s business…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Sending Smiles:)
    Margie D

  2. Once again Chris is ahead of the curve.

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  4. This could be usefull for my blind friends who’re managing their businesses if youtube would be more accessible for users with reading disabilities. Now that facebook seems to be moving forward in the attempts to become more accessible, it’s time google and youtube etc. do the same.

  5. Thanks, you are always first and always right on! I am still back at reviewing your videos on how to add Friend connect to Blogs..

  6. Google, Youtube, Social Bookmarking… Does anyone else feel like we’re riding the beginning of a wave…?