Women of Google+ Hangout On Air with Chris Lang

The very charming, highly skilled Lynette Young , also the creator of The Women Of Google+ drug some of my best Google+ Marketing Secrets out in a hangout session on her Monday night show.

Here is some of the Google+ Marketing secrets you will learn:

  • How Lynette built a 191,000 following on Google+ in the first 5 months…
  • How to create strong relationships at warp speed
  • Where time is best spent on any social site to do the same
  • Why you should or should not be creating Google+ business pages
  • Learn about the new Google+ Hangouts On Air Platform, and how it records directly to YouTube and presents your webinar replay minutes later…

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IMPORTANT: Notice at the beginning we get off to a slow start. This is Google’s new On Air Google+ Hangouts feature. It records the hangout, and minutes after you are done, it has the replay ready on YouTube.

But be ready when you get started, our slow start at the beginning can cause cold leads to the video to bounce very quickly. This is a 3 day old new Google+ marketing feature and Lynette did very well with it, just be aware that it starts recording right away when you begin the Google+ Hangout.

3 comments on “Women of Google+ Hangout On Air with Chris Lang

  1. This beats paid for webinar software on so many levels. And not on some other levels.

    Hangout live, high quality video, streams live, records to YouTube, replay available minutes after the Google+ Hangout ends.

  2. Just as a point of FYI, in Google apps, you don’t even have to block people with your physical network, you can can use Apps as a virtual intranet. Basically all the settings for sharing in or out of your domain or domains, since you can have multiple domains, is controlled through your the Control Panel. It works for Docs, Sites, and G+… the control in the control panel, is pretty amazing. Of course you have even more if you have the premium version vs. the free one too.

  3. Chris,

    What you said about niches is SO spot on it’s not even funny…everyone who is involved with marketing needs to watch this interview.

    Lynette is a fantastic person…very dynamic.

    Loved it man