New Google+ Layout = Office 2000 + Facebook

I Woke up this mornin’… Got myself some coffee… Everything I had was gone, Gosh Darn Shame…

(sang to the sopranos theme song)

Seriously, I woke up, grabbed some coffee, read my email, then as always went to Google+ for my dose of news and tech.

Then I thought it was April Fools. Checked the date. Thought I was on Facebook. Nope. Thought I had started my Windows 2000 machine. Nope….

Then I realized I WAS on Google+, take a look:

The New Google+ Plus Layout:

(click for full size)

Now take a look at my Facebook page:

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

Then Office 2000:

(click for full size)

They look just a little bit familiar don’t they? Good God Google? What have you done?

Do you like the old school look? Here you go, you can get it here:

Chris Lang’s Google+ Feed…

Chris Lang’ Google+ RSS Feed

Go thru my page, log in by allowing the app, and you are done. Want a custom vanity URL, for only $15 you get a branded URL and a branded RSS feed just like I do. The free version does the same thing, but based on your 21 digit Google+ ID.

Here’s the result of this carnage…

  • Everything published about Google+ is now trash…
  • Everything on YouTube about Google+ is now trash…
  • No publisher will trust any author to write about G+ now, and I can’t trust Google enough to write a book myself
  • How many Chrome Extensions for Google+ will break?
  • Every blogger in the world is going to compare the layout to Facebook, back to Google bashing we go :[
  • Mark Zuckerberg just threw up from launghing so hard at Google+ and I don’t blame him!

Seriously, you all know I am a Google Plus fanboy going back to 2008 when I began to talk right here, on about what Google had in store for us. This is not my beautiful home, this is not my beautiful wife. This is FACEBOOK!

4 comments on “New Google+ Layout = Office 2000 + Facebook

  1. Tell us what you really think, Chris?

    Personally, I think its an improvement. It needed work, and I think its okay. Not perfect, but okay.

    It will take a bit of getting used to, but I think for the majority of users, it is a bit more approachable now, and while the Facebook comparisons will be unavoidable, that was going to happen no matter what they did with the interface, right?

    • JC, now the stream goes by so fast, that it is impossible to keep up with a highly active stream like mine. Commenting on that same stream? I have seen strippers bounce around less. Engagement is bound to go down. The reason for social sites is human interaction, this seems more about Google+ than about Google+ users.

  2. Sounds awful…I: mean the part about having to rewrite everything before even getting to publishing.

  3. Google removed the arrows (up and down), just like in the new Gmail, and I hate it.