Google Wave Notifier – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to You And Yours!

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you happy and very thankful.

Margie and I are both in Mesa and are celebrating our Thanksgiving together. This is a year for us to both be very thankful.

I have seen allot of misfortune in the last year and I have had my greatest successes.

I hope you all have as much to be thankful for as we both do.

Here’s a little something to play with this weekend.

This FireFox add on will Notify you of New Google Waves.

Been using it for a week but I did not want to recommend it till I was happy with it myself.

There is also a public Wave at this link for a Gwave Friends Happy Thanksgiving!.

3 comments on “Google Wave Notifier – Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks Chris for the firefox plugin and a happy thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Thanks, Chris.



  3. I’ve released my own notifier, that doesn’t require Firefox to work. It sits in the system tray in Windows with an icon and alerts you to new messages!