Google Profile Custom URL and GFC On YouTube

Google profiles now offer custom profile URLs like you expect from social sites and Google Friend Connect is in full release on YouTube.

Google profiles have always been a little weird, but all they were doing was hiding out until Google was ready. Now your Google Profile offers custom URLs and you can link your non Gmail domain based email address to Google Friend Connect.

I just did a quick video tutorial at the link above to show you how and you can find my last video on how YouTube now has Google Friend Connect as the social system there too.

Also when you set up a new Gmail address Google pushes the Google Profile at the end of the sign up process. This is telling me that GFC is now finally rolling out. Almost so fast I can’t tell you about the public stuff fast enough.

My members site is growing fast and I can barely keep up with what Google is doing now that I am using to run my whole business.

Later this week expect a blog post on how I was able to use what I know about Google Friend Connect to dominate YouTube and add lots of paying subscribers.

Now my Google Profile is

2 comments on “Google Profile Custom URL and GFC On YouTube

  1. Margie D on said:

    Google profiles now offer custom profile URLs, this is now getting to be really exciting. Definitely will enhance traffic..
    Thank you for sharing Chris..
    Sending Smiles:)
    Margie D

  2. YouTube as a Social bookmarking site? Things are really heating up. Can’t wait to learn from you how to make use of that. And I’m glad you’re sweating trying to keep up, because I thought it was just me!

    Good stuff, Chris…

    Steven Vargas