Google Launches Their Own Digg as What’s Popular Gadget

Google goes social bookmarking with the iGoogle What’s Popular Gadget

Google has been on fire lately with three new gadgets, today I want you to look at the future with the new Google Digg Style What’s Popular Gadget.

I have a link in the comments at the link above to add the iGoogle What’s Popular gadget.

The number one complaint so far is that there is no commenting in the gadget / widget. Google knows where comments belong, they belong on the parent blog post and they did this one right.

12 comments on “Google Launches Their Own Digg as What’s Popular Gadget

  1. Wow great news. The comments belong on the blog. Go figure!

  2. Thanks Chris for this pertinent info. I will check it out now….

  3. As usual Chris you are right at the cutting edge,

    Cheers buddy


  4. I do want to take a sec and thank all of you who have supported me for so long here and on my other sites.

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  5. Thanks Chris,

    I always look forward to your posts as they come to me in different forms. I especially like your videos. Go Google Go

  6. @Andrew, I would not say “Goodbye” anymore than Goodbye should be said to Microsoft.

    I think it should be more like “Pack your bags….”

    While Google has done nothing but add value to our sites, with apps that can be added to OUR sites, Digg has come up with the DiggBar.

    So I ask, “Kevin Rose, have you run out of bullets yet?”

    You know, bullets for the gun you keep shooting yourself in the foot with….

    Keep doing that and sooner or later we are going to have to BURY you…. LOL

  7. Emilio Gagliardi on said:

    this feature is pretty useless as a widget. now we have google bookmarks, google feeds and now google popular links all handled in separate tools, none of them integrated. think about it, i’m on a page I think has great content, OK i book mark it…oh wait, i want to share this people, do i share it through google reader and possibly share it so it can be broadcast to my shared items, or do i share it through my widget and hope the googleverse likes it? not there yet.

  8. @Emelio,

    Can’t say that widget is useless, it was in that widget that I caught the Google business cards link on Danny Sullivan’s blog.

    If not for that useless widget I would have missed it and so would have everyone here too.

  9. It’s been some time and it doesn’t appear that Google has made a dent on Digg’s market share; which is a shame because I have come to loathe DIGG.

  10. @Philadelphia,

    Actually Digg managed to Digg themselves a hole. Look at Digg front page, the traffic is down by 75%. Used to take 300 Diggs to get font page.

    Now you can get their with 70.

    Digg let the Digg Mafia take over the site, drove off most their best users or kicked them off, then they changed the link structure, added the Digg bar, removed any SEO value and then removed the shout mechanism while at the same time betting Facebook Connect would bring a huge influx of Facebookers. All in about a year and a half, Kevin has been busy. LMAO

    I think Kevin is now busy writing his new book: “How to Kill a top 50 site by REALLY REALLY Trying”

    I am sure that will be as much of a success as selling Digg was…

  11. @Chris – my point was written poorly; it was not to say DIGG hasn’t lost market share – it was suppose to reflect that IMHO, Google didn’t gain much of the pie.

    I agree with your comments about DIGG’s new business model; how to implode a successful website in a few easy steps.

    Personally I think that people are now too busy on Facebook & Twitter – leaving people to go back to bookmarking the old fashion way – in their browser.

    It goes to show you that you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Craigslist could have attempted to make billions in revenue by charging for everything; instead they opted to keep 99% of the listings free – making a fraction of the money – which keeps the simple folk like me returning.