Google Friend Connect Comments

When you learn how to comment properly, add value to the parent blog post and help people rather than spamming blogs to get links or a few measly visitors the return value in phenomenal.

What this video and learn how to do it right and even I can’t believe the return on this one.

4 comments on “Google Friend Connect Comments

  1. Found one. Here’s my comment…no seriously though, cats are all stuck on twitter. Chris you definitely figured it out. The stars are all coming together for google’s social network without people knowing it, with no official release, and first movers are gonna be able to do some serious marketing damage.

  2. Well sure, when a guy has close to 1K Google Friend Connect Members on his blog, he’ll have a large amount of

    Hats off to him, for such a large following :)

    Was it just me, or does the guy in the video sound like Wilfred Brimley…


  3. @Switcher, I wish you were talking about me but yeah, Scoble is probably the top tech blogger by far.

    But when he published that post he did not have any GFC followers. They all came after. When I added my first comment I was about number 100.

    I have gotten allot of Cliff Claverns, Can Ackroyds and even a Mayor Quimby or two but never a Wilford Brimley. LOL That’s funny.

  4. Switcher on said:

    @ Chris Lang,


    That is impressive, gaining that many GFC followers, in a short time.

    I didn’t mean anything bad, by my Wilfred Brimley crack. :) I’m sure he’s a great guy. :)