Friend Connect Any Day?

Friend Connect New Page Changes…

#1. Google changed the link text to the sign up page from “prerelease priview release” to “preview release” the night before Thanksgiving.

#2. Instead of the six original “example” sites that ran left to right, now Google has moved these sites to a two wide descending top to bottom order.

#3. Then today Google started advertising in Sponsored search, the creamy yellow colored box above organic results with this new sign up text in the description.

Click the image below for a full size view.

Google Friend Connect now advertised by Google.

Google Friend Connect now advertised by Google.

You can see it in action here on a Friend Connect Google search.

Google, don’t tell me after all this time this is all Friend Connect plans to offer? You have to be kidding. Right?

What about the Blogger promises? What about 8 months of waiting? After all this you leave your biggest proponents out and still are picking and choosing just a few sites?

3 comments on “Friend Connect Any Day?

  1. It’s coming soon. The very wide beta test seems to be happening right now. They’re having some problems with the sign up page it seems. (at least I can’t get into it just yet – and I’ve been whitelisted to start!) – but hopefully within a few hours or a day, it’ll be ready for us larger beta test group to get started on it :-) –Kenneth Udut of Naples FL news, jobs, for sale, business directory

  2. Boy did I feel stupid when it was obvious that adding Google Friend Connect (dubbed GFC) was so easy…

    LOL Chris…feeling stupid because something was easy? Now that is a CL (stands for Chris Lang) first. You are a funny guy.

    If only keeping a Word Press Blog updated was so easy (when it is hosted by GoDaddy), life would be good.

  3. Hey Rocque,

    I looked around for about 5 minutes before I just clicked the darn button and it worked.

    They used to have a set of help files in the section on installs that said there was a unique set of instructions. Not anymore.

    Glad I could help.