Here’s what real people have to say about Chris Lang:

Second to none!

Picture of Mari Smith“Chris’ understanding of Google+ and before that Google Friend Connect in 2008 is second to none!

“Chris’ understanding of Google and Google Plus is second to none! We recently featured Chris on one of our webinars all about Google Plus and Chris totally blew everyone away with his infectious enthusiasm and insider-knowledge. I’ve also had the pleasure to see Chris speak at a seminar and have watched him over the past three years skyrocket his own success by going an inch wide and mile deep in his niche.

Chris not only understands all the technicalities of how to use the Google tools, but how to use them to build solid relationships with key influencers and how to build an insanely huge list. Now that’s take-it-to-the-bank smarts!!

Google Plus is indeed the path to the future and Chris is far ahead of anyone in this arena. My students and I are thrilled to learn from him and stay on top of this amazing new platform.”

~Mari Smith
Author, Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

Do Yourself A Favor

Just got off the phone with the G+ man with a plan, Chris Lang! I had to laugh a lot when we were talking about Google as the Roadrunner and the Coyote. I was attracted to Chris and his strategies of getting far ahead of the curve and be all setup before everyone gets there on the internet and catch all the Roadrunner’s you want.

I have believed since before Google Buzz that Google is going to continue to dominate the Internet and that Social is where they are going. I wanted to develop for myself and the companies that I consult with a way to get to the forefront instead of playing catch up.

I went and signed up for his new program. I am not getting paid in any way for for this testimonial! Do yourself a favor and go and check it out if you believe that the internet can drive your business in the future.

Fred Tittle

Meet Google’s Nostradamus

Picture of Jack Humphrey Meet Google’s Nostradamus – The SEO Oracle – Chris Lang. I’m listening to this guy. You should too!

On this page you won’t see a fancy suit, a Beamer, or any tell tale signs of a slick marketing guru. Chris is a straight up geek. The gurus are months behind ripping him off and selling his ideas as their own.

This is a good thing for you. The geeks are the ones to follow. When a guy like Chris is the only one talking about something, you know the ideas and tactics are cutting edge.

“Google social experts” will simply sprout up out of nowhere like alley cats on trash night behind the restaurant. But, you’ll be inside the restaurant enjoying your meal of traffic, rankings, and popularity. They’ll be getting the leftovers.

– Jack Humphrey

“From Zero To Page One In 13 Days!”

Picture of Whitney Pannell

When I first met Chris I knew just enough to be dangerous on the Internet. He roped me in and explained to me what to spend time on and what not to waste time on. He explained the importance of blogging and Google friend connect. Our website was dated and we knew it needed improvement. Chris helped bring our Google rankings from Zero to being first page Google in 48 hours. Chris Lang really knows the ins and out of the Internet.

Whitney Pannell

Like a modern day Nostradamus

It’s 4:49am and most of the country is sound asleep in their beds.

But tucked away, in a dark room deep inside Phoenix, AZ…he is still awake.

The sharp clack, clack, clack of nervous fingers pounding confessions out of a keyboard are the only sounds in the room; the only light is the alien blue glow from the computer monitor that casts a strange shadow on the wall behind the man.

His shadow.

Tonight, like a wolf tracking it’s prey across frozen tundra, the man stalks answers. For months he has hunted information, news and rumors across the cold landscape of cyberspace. For months he has collected tidbits of data left behind on blogs and social community sites.

Tonight, it’s finally coming together. Tonight, all of those stray pieces of ones and zeros are starting to reveal themselves to the man and what they show him…could change everything.

The hunt is coming to a climax. The moon is full, excitement pounds through his veins.

Tonight, the secrets of Google are within his grasp!

For Chris Lang, there will be no sleep. Like a modern day Nostradamus he peers through the looking glass sitting atop his desk into a world of databases, digitized lives and straight into the guts of the Search Engine behemoth that aims to control the knowledge of the world.

– Damien O’Riley: Success Crusader and author

Why do these top expert authorities call Chris Lang “The Nostradamus of Google”…?

  • In 2007 my social media team was using Digg’s social voting platform to get top Google SERP rankings and we coined the phrase “Google Social Algorithm”
  • We quickly saw that algo come to YouTube, where social actions instead of incoming links define video rankings in YouTube and Google search.
  • I created the second public Google profile in August 2008, Robert Scoble was first public Google profile, we believe.
  • I wrote a blog post on August 13th 2008 talking about how Google would rank us by not just who we are, but who our friends are and who their friends are.
  • Christmas time 2008, I began talking about how Google was really and OS / Operating System for the browser, predicting Google Chrome and Google Chromebooks.

Let me introduce you to Rocque, my very first Google+ student going back to June 15th 2008, when I woke her up at 5 AM trying to expolain how Google was going to start displaying social results on Google SERPs.

“Cutting edge…”

I have known Chris Lang for a years now. What sets Chris apart from other people on the Internet who say they are going to teach you how to get your game on is that Chris really does what he says he is going to do.

I follow Chris because he is cutting edge when it comes to Google, and the search engine game.  Chris is highly ethical and what he teaches you is who to go with and who to avoid.  This is really important when you are looking for a mentor on the Internet.

It is impossible to stay on top of everything going on with the rapid changing Internet, and all the future plans that are going to be arriving once Gwave hits the beaches of net surfers.  That is why I choose to follow Chris Lang, because his advice is spot on.

If you remember the early days of Gmail, and those who were in on the early testing phases where it was invite only, you have an idea what to expect when Google gets the new OS up and running.  However, we have Chris Lang on our team who is spending hours doing the ground work for us testing, and retesting.

Now more and more people are discovering Chris Lang and his ability to find what works and what does not work for getting a group of good followers, and even better great people to work with on the Internet.

There is not one word to describe Chris Lang. He is caring, and driven to help people learn what he has spent hours researching, and 100% positive. That is the type of person to be associated with for Internet success.

Rocque Bowen

Radar Roy, one of Howie Schwartz’ partners had this to say after one of our live Gwave shows…

“Took the guess work out…”

Chris has been instrumental in helping me understand how Google Wave will help me develop my business. With his understanding of how information is ranked in Google, how to use Google Friend Connect and the other Google tools available to us, and the importance of building relationships through Google Wave, he was able to point me in a specific direction and effectively took the guess work out of where to focus my energy while building my business. I now have a specific plan and feel more confident that my efforts will be effective.

Cindy Eileen Johnson

Looking back on the long strange trip that this story tells, I see my self today as an “Expert on Experts.” Finally, I brought all of my vision of what Google, Microsoft and Apple set out to do over a decade ago in my new fictional short story “Plenzes: Augmented Reality: Augmented Insanity…” Now available on Amazon books.