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Add Google Friend Connect to a WordPress Blog

Lots of mis-information surrounds how to add Google Friend Connect to a WordPress blog. Here is how to do it the right way You can see in the beginning of this Google Friend Connect video, how Larry Brauner was having lots of problems using the HTML widget in WordPress. Do Not use the widget system […]

Your Google Friend Connect Does Not Work?

Here seems to be the solution why Google Friend Connect seems to work in one browser and not another. In fact it has nothing to do with any browser, it has to do with WordPress and how browsers interpret and compile JavaScript. We finally narrowed it down to not the browser but the WordPress version. […]

Google Friend Connect WordPress Plugin

Google now offers their OWN Google WordPress Plugin Google has just released their own Google Friend Connect WordPress Plugin. This is not a outside developer plugin, but a direct from GOOGLE WordPress plugin. I will warn you now, this is harder to install than the original GFC gadget that everyone hated on and could not […]