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Google Releases Chrome Web Browser OS

Google’s OS brings Chrome and over 50 Google Sites together to form a web based Free Operating System, booting the machine with Linux and Google Friend Connect integrates as the social network of the OS to replace Microsoft The Google Chrome Operating System to be released first on netbooks next year, frees you from the […]

Google Friend Connect Events Gadget

Here is a little demonstration of the new events gadget from Google Friend Connect and the new profile URLs in Google Profiles Two cool things form Google today, just worked all night to get these to you bright and early. Click thru to the YouTube video, log in with your YouTube id. If you do […]

CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

Now we know why Chris Lang has seen what Google Friend Connect is really doing, CADIE was behind it all. Here is how I make my tin foil hats to protect us from CADIE CADIE is really behind Google Friend Connect and has been bringing the Google social networking features directly to my browser. Trust […]

Google Friend Connect Questions?

Ask Chris Lang anything you like about Google Friend Connect and Google Social Networking right here on the GFC Tactics blog UPDATE: Google Friend Connect Is Closing in an announcement from Google on all sites except Blogger, spring, 2012… As I a Google Friend Connect networking authority I get a lot of questions about GFC […]

Add Friend Connect to Blogger

Google Friend Connect is easily added to Blogger It may seem like there is some Friend Connect missing instructions on Blogger or on the Freind Connect site. But there is not, it is easy to connect Blogger to Friend Connect. Google owns them both, that is the thing to keep in mind. Boy did I […]

Friend Connect Any Day?

Friend Connect New Page Changes… #1. Google changed the link text to the sign up page from “prerelease priview release” to “preview release” the night before Thanksgiving. #2. Instead of the six original “example” sites that ran left to right, now Google has moved these sites to a two wide descending top to bottom order. […]

Social Marketing San Diego Conference

Social Marketing knowledge and proven social marketing is just not yet documented like Internet marketing however this social conference will out wit your Christmas competition before they know what happened! Myself and 5 more social marketing experts will be detailing how we use these marketing social concepts December 5th in San Diego for a marketing […]

Check to See if Your UserName is Taken

Cool online app to see if your username is taken on social networks This handy little app will let you know if your username is taken across most social networks. http://www.usernamecheck.com/

Social Bookmarking + Digg + Google Reader = Two Birds – One Stone

A Google Social friend said he did not have time for social bookmarking but now he does, here’s how I was chatting with Benyamin in Gmail chat, one of me new social friends made thru FriendConnect. He was saying that he just did not have time to deal with social bookmarking participation, keep up with […]

What Happens When I Send a FriendConnect Friend Request?

Freind Connect friend requests are a little confusing right now. Actually, now I have some more experience with this and you get a friend request in what ever application you are using at the time. If you are in Gmail then you get it there. If you are in Google Reader you get it there. […]