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Jack Humphrey The Guru On The Ground

Before anyone else beats me to it, let me nominate Jack Humphrey “The Guru On The Ground”… details to follow….

Google Buzz Misconceptions

Armand Morin published his first impressions on Google Buzz, here’s my response since his blog was not accepting comments at the time I saw his post. UPDATE: 9:02 AZ time Armand’s support team got right back to me just now and has enabled comments on his blog :] Armand you made some valid points but […]

Open Letter To Jack Humphrey

Here it is, what Google Friend Connect is really about, reprinted from a forum post on Jack Humphrey’s Social Marketing Central Jack, this is intended for you since it was you that gave me my start in social marketing here on SMC. I am tired of keeping my mouth shut and watching people who know […]