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YouTube Adds Twitter – Google Friend Connect Social Bookmarking

You can now Tweet from YouTube videos and Google Friend Connect added 30 social bookmarking sites from the GFC gadget YouTube Twitter integration and Google Friend Connect social bookmarking integration is just one more social marketing addition by Google’s social networking features. This is a huge opportunity for you. By educating your visitors that these […]

Google Friend Connect Bugs Gone Google Latitude

Wondered why Google’s Google Friend Connect features have not been working like I said they do? Here’s why! I said your Google Friend Connect friends show up in Gmail contacts. They didn’t. I said Google Friend Connect friends appear in chat. They didn’t. I said the blogs you join are added to Google Reader by […]

Googling Social says “Hello world!”

Today marks the first day of blogging here at Googling Social and just wanted to mark the event and break the champagne across the bow, so to speak.