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Google+ Author Thumbnails On YouTube Results SERPS

Yesterday for the first time I saw author thumbnails showing in Google search results on YouTube videos My friend Steven Vargas showed up in Google results with his author thumbnail showing yesterday. (click for full size) It is important to note that this is not Google social search but what passes for Google organic search. […]

PlusRank – The NEW Google Algo on Google+

I got a call last night from one of my new followers on Google+ asking how links in Google+ raise your rankings. Upon explaining how links from Google.com differ from links on any other website, the caller coined the phrase “PlusRank” and a glimpse of the NEW Google+ algo is revealed below…

Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

I will be hosting the first webinar on Google Plus One Search, The New Google Social Search, here’s the details… The webinar starts at Thrusday, 8 PM EST, but to get the alert you need to join my Google+ newsletter here…. Just what does Google’s new Search Plus One Social Search mean to you? Google […]

New Google Menu and Why

Google’s new menu UI has brought mixed feelings, so I thought I would explain how I see Google’s thinking, UI best practices and why what is where on the new Google navigation… My fellow G+ user, Thomas Morffew, posted that – No Google Music, Wallet, Offers or Blogger was a glaring ommision. NOTE: Thomas is […]

Google Friend Connect Closing – Replaced By Google+ Badges

Google Friend Connect, I want to say goodbye my old friend. You will be sorely missed, Google Friend Connect made the web better, for me, for you, and especially for Facebook! Yesterday, 11-23-2011 Mike Elgan caught the Google+ news that Google Friend Connect was now on the list to be closed, by the slimmer and […]

Google+ +1’s – It Not About You

After seeing one of my fellow Google+ peeps, saying “I wish our +1 streams were more interesting to look at. They are pretty dull right now.” – +1 is just not about you, it about all of us First off there are many different versions of a +1 button and they do a lot of […]

Google+ Spammers Headed For Google Plus Slapdown

After a Google Plus thread by tech writer Mike Elgan, saying that Google+ spammers using fake profile and robots are rising, here’s my feedback on how Google handles spammers, and will soon It is simple, Don’t even worry about G+ spammers, Here’s why…. Google has a history of allowing something to go on for a […]

Google Business Profiles In Testing?

For a few weeks now, a new Google Profiles feature may be previewing Google + business profiles in testing I ran this past Mari Smith on our webinar / interview two days ago, she was rather surprised by it, so I thought it was worth sharing. What do you think about this? Here’s how you […]

Mari Smith Google + Interview

This year we will be interviewing Mari Smith for my week long birthday extravaganza! Chris Lang will be getting the lowdown direct from Mari Smith on why Mari says Google + could be even bigger than Facebook, why relationship marketing is the key to social networking success and even more on Mari’s new hardcover book… […]

Google + Adds Verified Names Profiles

Google + finally releases the most asked for and Needed Plus feature, verified names! You can disucss this on the Chris Lang Google + page here…. In a Google + post from Google: We’re starting to roll out verification badges on profiles so you can be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is […]