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Google Me Confirmed By Eric Schmidt?

From the Google Me Now – Not Later.. department we get this installment in stirring the Google Me pot…. “We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Schmidt told a select group of reporters at Zeitgeist, a gathering of business partners and high-profile industry figures. “If you think about it, it’s […]

Google Dumps Google Buzz?

I could care less if Google deletes Buzz tomorrow Why? #1 Google is NOT going to dump Buzz. Enough said. However….. Because my followers will follow me on Google Me. Or what ever platform. This is what makes Google’s social network valuable. Because my followers and those I follow are in my Gmail contacts. They […]

Social Bar – Cures IE GFC Woes and Widget Envy

Social bar by Google released today seems to cure IE problems, cleans up sidebars and promises a future free of widgets from hell and sidebar traffic jams created by the dreaded widget envy syndrome Anyone that has followed me for long knows I frakin (bsg reference) hate widgets. HATE EM. What a waste of space […]

Google Friend Connect Bugs Gone Google Latitude

Wondered why Google’s Google Friend Connect features have not been working like I said they do? Here’s why! I said your Google Friend Connect friends show up in Gmail contacts. They didn’t. I said Google Friend Connect friends appear in chat. They didn’t. I said the blogs you join are added to Google Reader by […]

Google Social Networking

Google Social Networking Kicks Facebook Connect butt! Here’s why… One of my Google Social Networking friends posted this comment on a Google Social Networking thread and now that Googling Social is live I just had to add my Google Social two cents. Best two cents you will ever get too! “The truth is the space […]