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Google Plus Marketing Tips – Google Alerts +1

Here’s an easy way to break the ice with influencers on Google+ or any social network, using Google alerts We all know that getting influencers to take the time to get to know you is key, right? In fact my first social marketing book, Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics was about just that back in […]

Top 10 Google+ Plus Tips

10 Google Plus Tips Revamped For 2013 Sounds pretty good don’t it? Below is my Top 10 Google+ Tips, but it’s missing one, there’s only 9 plus tips. So…. The best G+ tip submitted by commenters here on the blog post wins inclusion in my new Guide To Google Plus Marketing that will be downloaded […]

Google+ Marketing: Who Is The Expert?

 Since there is such a huge multivariate of experts on Google+, can I make a suggestion? Pick One. Yeah One. Just one Google+ expert, just one Google+ Authority. Here’s Why! All the time I see pleas from new peeps on Google+, asking who to follow for G+ business marketing advice. We usually have no […]