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Zynga Poker on MyYahoo – iGoogle Next?

MyYahoo is now supporting Zynga’s new Poker game, next stop iGoogle? Just caught on that the new Zynga Poker game is now running on MyYahoo. Think about how this would run on iGoogle, especially with Google’s huge investment in Zynga. Google Buzz would be the wall for updates. Throw in some Google Wave functionality with […]

Google Me Confirmed By Eric Schmidt?

From the Google Me Now – Not Later.. department we get this installment in stirring the Google Me pot…. “We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Schmidt told a select group of reporters at Zeitgeist, a gathering of business partners and high-profile industry figures. “If you think about it, it’s […]

Orkut The New Google Me?

New Orkut features spawn Google Me rumors, let me go on record saying Google Me will not be Orkut, no way, no how! With the new features at Orkut a sudden flurry of Google Me theories have risen. They are wrong. First off let me say I know Google Me is real. I know when […]

Google Dumps Google Buzz?

I could care less if Google deletes Buzz tomorrow Why? #1 Google is NOT going to dump Buzz. Enough said. However….. Because my followers will follow me on Google Me. Or what ever platform. This is what makes Google’s social network valuable. Because my followers and those I follow are in my Gmail contacts. They […]