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iGoogle Christmas 3D Ornament Gadget

Just add to iGoogle, print, color and cut out these 3D Christmas ornaments for a fast and fun kids activity this Christmas! One of my clients wanted to do a viral iGoogle gadget. I advised him that it takes more than just cool products for a gadget like what he had planned. So Margie (my […]

iGoogle Halloween Gadget

Having problems deciding on Halloween Costumes for you or your family? Let this iGoogle Halloween Gadget help you find costume ideas right now…. You can add this gadget to iGoogle with one click and it will appear immediately on the iGoogle page of the Google account you are logged into. This is an actual working […]

Add Google Friend Connect to a WordPress Blog

Lots of mis-information surrounds how to add Google Friend Connect to a WordPress blog. Here is how to do it the right way You can see in the beginning of this Google Friend Connect video, how Larry Brauner was having lots of problems using the HTML widget in WordPress. Do Not use the widget system […]

Google Friend Connect for Charity

Please Give Just $1 For The Charities That You Help To Choose Thru Google Friend Connect I just got this link a few minutes ago thru a StumbleUpon shout and I thought we could demonstrate the power of Google Friend Connect and shout this site to all our GFC friends. Let’s bring the power of […]

Google Launches Their Own Digg as What’s Popular Gadget

Google goes social bookmarking with the iGoogle What’s Popular Gadget Google has been on fire lately with three new gadgets, today I want you to look at the future with the new Google Digg Style What’s Popular Gadget. I have a link in the comments at the link above to add the iGoogle What’s Popular […]

Google Friend Connect Events Gadget

Here is a little demonstration of the new events gadget from Google Friend Connect and the new profile URLs in Google Profiles Two cool things form Google today, just worked all night to get these to you bright and early. Click thru to the YouTube video, log in with your YouTube id. If you do […]