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Google Outage May Have Affected Your Gmail Friends List

To document what Google faces everyday to deliver not just Google Friend Connect, but all the top notch apps to us, here is one reason why Google Friend Connect mutual friends may not be showing in Gmail right now Let me start by saying, Google Friend Connect mutual friends DEFINITELY show up in Gmail because […]

Google Friend Connect Bugs Gone Google Latitude

Wondered why Google’s Google Friend Connect features have not been working like I said they do? Here’s why! I said your Google Friend Connect friends show up in Gmail contacts. They didn’t. I said Google Friend Connect friends appear in chat. They didn’t. I said the blogs you join are added to Google Reader by […]

How Google Friend Connect Members Can Upload Photos

On the Friend Connect Google group members asked: “How can Friend Connect members of my blog add pictures to our Friend Connect community Two members both asked: “Just added Friend connect to my site – I thought maybe there was a way for people to upload photos? Or link to them… or have a personal […]

Social Bookmarking + Digg + Google Reader = Two Birds – One Stone

A Google Social friend said he did not have time for social bookmarking but now he does, here’s how I was chatting with Benyamin in Gmail chat, one of me new social friends made thru FriendConnect. He was saying that he just did not have time to deal with social bookmarking participation, keep up with […]