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Google’s FriendConnect Now in 47 Languages

Google announced today that FriendConnect is now available in 47 new languages. Some languages Friend Connect gadgets support are French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Portuguese. Site owners simply set the language of their site and Friend Connect will automatically render the gadgets in that language. The lack of multiple language support native […]

Google Friend Connect for Charity

Please Give Just $1 For The Charities That You Help To Choose Thru Google Friend Connect I just got this link a few minutes ago thru a StumbleUpon shout and I thought we could demonstrate the power of Google Friend Connect and shout this site to all our GFC friends. Let’s bring the power of […]

Google Outage May Have Affected Your Gmail Friends List

To document what Google faces everyday to deliver not just Google Friend Connect, but all the top notch apps to us, here is one reason why Google Friend Connect mutual friends may not be showing in Gmail right now Let me start by saying, Google Friend Connect mutual friends DEFINITELY show up in Gmail because […]

Jack Humphrey Interviews Top Google Friend Connect Authority

Jack Humphrey and the guy he calls “The number one Google Friend Connect Authority” are answering all your Google Friend Connect questions onĀ  Jack’s FTR Blog Today I myself am going to swing on by Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report blog and listen to what he claims is an interview with the absolute number one […]

How to FTP Google Friend Connect Files

How to download and FTP the files needed to get Google Friend Connect up and running on your site Google Friend Connect files are not easily downloaded due to the way Firefox drops them into your downloads folder. Here is a video, step by step How To Download / FTP Google Friend Connect Files that […]

Open Letter To Jack Humphrey

Here it is, what Google Friend Connect is really about, reprinted from a forum post on Jack Humphrey’s Social Marketing Central Jack, this is intended for you since it was you that gave me my start in social marketing here on SMC. I am tired of keeping my mouth shut and watching people who know […]

Google Friend Connect Events Gadget

Here is a little demonstration of the new events gadget from Google Friend Connect and the new profile URLs in Google Profiles Two cool things form Google today, just worked all night to get these to you bright and early. Click thru to the YouTube video, log in with your YouTube id. If you do […]

CADDIE Google Friend Connect Tin Foil Hat

Now we know why Chris Lang has seen what Google Friend Connect is really doing, CADIE was behind it all. Here is how I make my tin foil hats to protect us from CADIE CADIE is really behind Google Friend Connect and has been bringing the Google social networking features directly to my browser. Trust […]

Add Google Friend Connect to Blogger in 30 Seconds

I had previously recorded a Google Friend Connect YouTube video about how to add GFC to Blogger. The way to do it now is even easier than you think, just add the Followers widget. Click dashboard in the top right corner of Blogger. Then click settings. Then the Layout tab. Next click the add gadget […]

YouTube Adds Twitter – Google Friend Connect Social Bookmarking

You can now Tweet from YouTube videos and Google Friend Connect added 30 social bookmarking sites from the GFC gadget YouTube Twitter integration and Google Friend Connect social bookmarking integration is just one more social marketing addition by Google’s social networking features. This is a huge opportunity for you. By educating your visitors that these […]