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Google Groups Google Buzz Layout and UI

As seen yesterday after enabling the new Google Groups interface here…..

Free Google Buzz Report

Google Buzz has been through a lot lately, both in the tech blogs and changes at Google. Why should you read this now? Find out if Google privacy problems are real New Google Buzz buttons, get them inside Discover how to set Buzz up right Make money, build relationships and craft content for Buzz When […]

Add a Google Buzz Button to Your Blog

John Chow came up with this Buzz hack to add a Google Buzz Button to your site. What it does is submits the article to Google Reader. From there Google Buzz adds your Reader stream to Google Buzz. I did not like how the code worked so I improved upon it here. I did not […]

Google Buzz Misconceptions

Armand Morin published his first impressions on Google Buzz, here’s my response since his blog was not accepting comments at the time I saw his post. UPDATE: 9:02 AZ time Armand’s support team got right back to me just now and has enabled comments on his blog :] Armand you made some valid points but […]