Google Profiles All Show Author Thumbnails In Google Search

Just saw for the first time all Google profile links showing author style following overlays for everyone in Google search resutls today for the fist time

CLICK HERE for the full size screen shot of the new Google profile links…

Screenshot of Google author style thumbnails in Google search results

Now, some said this is only if you are using Search Plus One Your World results, not true.

Below is SPYW (Search Plus Your World) turned off. However I did search first using the new Google social search.

CLICK HERE for the full size screen shot of the new Google profile links…

Screenshot of Google author style thumbnails in Google search results

Not sure if this is news, but I just saw this exciting new feature on Google results. All linked Google profiles in my Google search results show following placards for any profile and any business.

Also, everyone seems to have author thumbnails on blogs they write for. Shared posts with links to the sharing Google profile return overlays that allow you to now follow anyone from Google search, not just the few that have author verification working.

Here is Thomas Morffew, Gabriel Valile and me, Chris Lang all showing linked author style profiles in Google search. Are you seeing the same thing?

PlusRank – The NEW Google Algo on Google+

I got a call last night from one of my new followers on Google+ asking how links in Google+ raise your rankings. Upon explaining how links from differ from links on any other website, the caller coined the phrase “PlusRank” and a glimpse of the NEW Google+ algo is revealed below…

OMG A New Google Algo picture

Here’s how the conversation went last night…

I list my business phone number publicly on my G+ profile so at times I get calls out of the blue from my followers, and I love those calls, I usually end up learning a lot.

My brand new follower, Caesar Parisi, called to ask about the value of links to your site on Google+. “What value, if any do these links have,” he asked?

In some ways Google+ links to your site have NO value, I said. Because the Domain does not pass link juice, or rightly called, PageRank. This has been true since the earliest days of Google and the PageRank algo.

I say this because Andy Beard (the smartest man in SEO I know) called me last year to remind me so, after a Howie Schwartz webinar where I mentioned that you can create all kinds of incoming links on Google Buzz and your own Google profiles.

BUT I did go on to say that the TrustRank and FriendRank Google patents both say that those algorithms identify “Influencers” within Circles or Groups as I detailed in 2008, linked above.

Introducing PlusRank – It’s WHO +1s you, not HOW many

I went on to tell Caesar that the average user like my wife Margie, might only have a authority rank of 1 to 10. But my profile, the second oldest one created in 2008 might have an authority rank of 100 due to the age of the profile, incoming links, the authority sites I link to and now how many follow me on Google+

When authority +1s, comments and sharing on Google+ become real exciting is when MEGA guys like Scoble, Mike Elgan or Louis Gray share, +1, comment, etc. Because it’s not how many citations as they are called in SEO, but who they come from.

Caesar imeediately replied well that sounds like PageRank is dead and now Google rankings depend on PlusRank! First time I have ever heard the phrase in this context so I want to give credit to Caesar for helping me explain to you the new Google Algorithm: PlusRank :]

Beware The Blackhat Google+ Moves

When we went to see The Social Network movie I looked behind us in the theater and saw how as Zuckerberg was obviously double dealing the Winklevie…, people were in awe of his moves, actually wished they had the chance to rip off anyone to get ahead.

At that point I knew that morals and integrity were dead in today’s society…. Well, mostly….

More and more, I am seeing backlash here over what people are doing to get followers and get ahead on Google+. I am hoping to remain not the bashed, or the basher and stay above it all.

Hence, I am not going to point out how many are already trying to game the system here to remain above the bashing. I could name names, that would only make me enemies. Nor am I going to point out how the system can be gamed. That would only result in even more spam and BS games played by the uninformed.

But let’s look at 4 things you should not be doing to get traction on Google+

  • Resharing old posts again and again in an effort to artificially raise the number of +1’s, comments and shares on a G+ post, be it your own or someone elses.
  • Sharing the same circles over and over thru a ring of users to get more followers, the these Circles of you own creation or the popular user Circle on
  • Posting viral pictures, MEMEs and animated gifs that have already gone viral in an effort to make a appearance on the Gooogle+ What’s Hot Page or gain traffic thru sharing of proven popular material.

Similarly, I am playing it by the book and clean as I can to not be one bashed. We took Digg by storm in 2008 and got what we wanted, tons of traffic, made lots of money too. But in the end, Digg always caught us and deleted everything we had worked for.

In the end there will be a Google slapdown over copyright, manipulating Google+ search rankings and more

I even had to go so far as to defend Google+ in an interview where another marketer of vastly more reach and authority called Google+ a flat out spam cannon.

My advice all, keep it clean, blackhat will get you very very far, very very fast. But when the Google slapdown comes, and it comes everytime, everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes BYE BYE.

Been thru 9 Google slapdowns since 2003, I even predicted the 2009 Social Bookmarking Spam Slapdown back then. My next prediction? The Google+ Slapdown of 2012. Plain and simple, manipulating Google search rankings be it on Google+ or Google organic search is against the Google TOS Webmaster Guidlines.

In the days of old, Google used to say “Ask yourself this: Would you be doing what you are doing if it was not solely for your own benefit? Then if you had to face one on your competitors and look them in the eye, could you rightly say what you did was not an effort to hurt their business in return?”

Competition and being a brutal businessman is one thing, even gaming the system if cool by me too. But getting caught at blatantly manipulative schemes is another. You make the call, you are the one that will have to pay for it in the end.

Google Plus Marketing Tips – Google Alerts +1

Here’s an easy way to break the ice with influencers on Google+ or any social network, using Google alerts

Picture of book

We all know that getting influencers to take the time to get to know you is key, right? In fact my first social marketing book, Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics was about just that back in 2008.

We all know how to use Google alerts to monitor our personal reputation, Domains, product names and get boat loads of info on any keyword term right? It’s easy, just put your name, domain URLs, and product names in at the link above. Plus, Google will send you an email each day with links that match up. Done for you rep management :]

The only difference between you and the big boys and girls (sometimes called gurus) is that they simply have not gotten to know you yet. So, by commenting with care, +1 ing posts without overdoing it, you can begin that process. Then sharing their posts when they fit your Google Plus marketing niche, your name will come up again and again in their Notifications red bubble on the black bar Google bar.

The key here is not to be a jackass and be so blatant about this that it turns the person you are trying to make a friend into an enemy. Bottom line: Don’t be too evil…

So, identify 3 top marketers in your niche, that you want to get to know. That you want to do JVs with, that you not just want to use for your own selfish reasons, but that you actually respect, and want to be part of your list of go to Google+ experts (there’s mine).

Enter their names in Google Alerts and Google will return their latest posts and comments each day, in a single email. If you are getting too much back and want to zero in on Facebook, or Twitter or just Google+ like me? Then add the term Google+ and that will lean it out.

In fact if you put Chris Lang in a Google alert, you would get most of my comments and posts. Just one of the ways to follow a power user to create relationships with influencers direct from my new book, “Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day” due out this summer :]

Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

I will be hosting the first webinar on Google Plus One Search, The New Google Social Search, here’s the details…

Google vs Facebook vs Twitter

The webinar starts at Thrusday, 8 PM EST, but to get the alert you need to join my Google+ newsletter here….

Just what does Google’s new Search Plus One Social Search mean to you?

  • Google results do not include Twitter results since Twitter closed their deal with Google and uses nofollow on their links (Twitter is screaming…)

  • Google social results 90% of the time do not include Facebook results since Facebook closes most of the site to Google’s spiders (Facebook is screaming but not as much as Twitter)

  • It does open a whole new world for SEO, doubling you traffic and building massive followings on Google+ that convert into clients, buyers and email subscribers… (I am loving it :)

  • Put simply, most people are not even seeing these results yet, so join my Google+ marketing webinar alert list here and be sure you get the lowdown on what Google is doing and how it affects you…

Click the video below for a 60 second preview of the new Google

We will be starting promptly at 8 PM tomorrow and moving very fast so have a paper and pen ready. Of course there will be a replay, but to get that link you will need to join my newsletter list.

It’s free to join, and you can leave at any time… See ya on the show, and of course we will be taking your questions as well to be sure you get what you need for you Google+ marketing. – Chris Lang

Top 10 Google+ Plus Tips

10 Google Plus Tips Revamped For 2013

Top 10 List marquee

Sounds pretty good don’t it? Below is my Top 10 Google+ Tips, but it’s missing one, there’s only 9 plus tips. So…. The best G+ tip submitted by commenters here on the blog post wins inclusion in my new Guide To Google Plus Marketing that will be downloaded by a few hundred thousand in the next year.

Here we go now…

#10 – Set the post to public before you type your first word

Since every other social network to date has posted publicly by default, most Google+ users expect the same to be true. But it’s not. And truly, you want most of your posts to be public. If you only post to circles, anyone looking at your profile will see an empty page, unless they are IN one of your circles that you posted to.

Make it a rule, as soon as you click in the “Share what’s new” box to create a post, set your post to public every-time, first thing. We can’t share your post to our public stream or link to it if it is not set to public.

#9 – Create a Headline, not a paragraph

Your next step is to create a headline, not a paragraph. That means enclosing your headline in asterisks, one at the beginning, one at the end, no leading or trailing spaces and your headline will appear in bold text.

Most headlines either push fear or shout benefits, or a combination of both. If you don’t know how to write a headline, here’s a great How To Write Hot Headlines article.

#8 – Use an image, in every post

Ever notice that every major blog uses an image in their posts? Well they pay for stock images, so they have immediate access. You probably don’t have the budget for that so here’s how to get royalty free images online.

BEWARE: – There is a penality in Google’s search algorithm for reusing other’s images, here the lowdown on Google’s Image penalty….

Go to >>> Click search >>> click advanced search. You don’t even need to enter keywords yet, here’s the Flickr page this will get you to….

Scroll down the page and check all three of these checkboxes.

  • Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content
  • Find content to use commercially
  • Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon

Now search with your keywords and you will return a list of images that you can use, along with a list of copyright limits. In fact the image on this blog post was found there itself. Just search “top 10″ using the settings above if you want to use it for your own top 10 list blog posts.

To get more traction on both Facebook and Google+ be sure you include a relevant image at the top of your post. That goes double for posts only on Google+. Setting your post apart from the others is key with an image and a headline that tells us there is something better and more benefit laden than the rest of our very busy stream.

#7 – Call to action

While saying “Please reshare, +1 and comment” in an effort to get to the Google+/hot What’s Hot section is a great way to get flagged for gaming the system, you should be including some kind of call to action in a G+ post…

What do you want the reader to do? Click thru to the content, comment there, or comment on the G+ post? Do you want them to answer a specific question? Or do you want then to ask you one?

Then keep that above the fold…. Google+ gives you 9 carriage returns before it cuts off your text and enters the Expand…. link (usually). You have to get your message across in that time or it will never be seen by most. So, if you want the entire post read then return your call to action and post some benefit copy as to why the reader should click “Expand…” and read on.

#6 – Time of day makes or breaks Google+ traffic

Posting in the middle of the night, late evening, too early in the morning or on Holidays is a great way to think Google+ is dead. Two ways you can determine when your market is awake:

1 – Your email list (mine is on AWeber) will have a list geo demographics showing where you are getting subscribers from.

2 – Also your Google Analytics will show where your blogs are getting traffic from. YouTube analytics / insight will show you where your videos are getting engagement and views.

Adjust these time zones to your time and remember, that early morning, mid morning, lunch time and just after, and just after 5 PM are huge engagement times. You can adjust your time to another time zone here…

#5 – Keywords, Hashtags and Hangout search

Use keywords that you want your post to be found under on both Google+ search and Google search. G+ posts are ranking well in both.

Use hashtags just like you learned to do on Twitter beginning with the # pound sign for advanced users that search for content hash tagged linked. There are tons of articles on this and here’s Vic Gundotra’s own hash tag post and video.

Also new just this week is Hangout search filtering in Google+ search.

#4 – Google Analytics, know where you have been, before you move forward

One reason many say Google+ is dead is because they have no way to know what is going on on Google+. Be sure you have Google Analytics set up on your blog so you can really see how Google+ is converting for you.

While I only got 15 comments and 20 +1’s on a post last week, hundreds more clicked thru to the linked content. If you are judging Google+ by public interaction you are probably selling G+ short. So be sure to be measuring your click thru rate for real insight. I will bet you are pleasantly surprised at what you see…

A great way to make notes as to when social media campaigns succeeded or failed is to add annotations to specific days. Here’s a video from Google explaining how to do so…

#3 – Convert your hangouts to YouTube videos

While Google+ Hangouts On Air are still limited to about 200 top users and still in testing, you can still get much of the benefits by screen capturing your hangouts and posting them to YouTube.

Mac users have the software they need already on their machines for free and for Windows users Camtasia is the most popular software and an industry standard.

So while the rest of us wait for On Air streamed hangouts to become public you can return much of the benefits of this to your followers thru screen capture and replays on YouTube.

NOTE: Be sure to say when you post a public hangout that it is being recorded for public replay. It is against YouTube’s TOS to post video with people in it that are unknowing recorded. I have seen videos in the millions of views get taken down due to this violation.

#2 – One G+ Hand Washes The Other

We have all heard about how sharing, comments and +1s make our Google+ posts more visible to others on Google+ and in Google search. But how do you actually get them is a mystery to most. Well it’s easy actually :]

  • To get shared by power users, you have to make the first move and share theirs.
  • Want lots of comments? Then engage others on posts where conversations are going on. That means you have to read the comments that are previously posted and then join the conversation, not just Twitter style post a one sentece blurb and forget about everyone else. Remember that social media is not about you.
  • Guess who I am most apt to +1? People that have +1’d my posts. +1 ing a post on Google+ lets the poster know you were there. Plus one ing comments does the same. Use this time saving tool and let your peeps know you were there, expecially if you are time challenged and they will do the same on yours…
  • This is not Twitter or Facebook, we are not going to follow you back just because you follow us. Sharing, commenting, +1 ing… That will get you followed by power users that will re-share your content and do you way more good than any amount of followers will 99% of the time.

#1 – You Tell Me….

This is your chance to shine. Tell me in the comments below what your number one Google+ tip is. You could be featured in the full version of this post in my new Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing in PDF. This PDF will be read by 100s of 1000s in 2012 as I am interviewed by top Internet Marketers while I write my new book, “Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day” published by Sybex this summer, on Barnes and Noble bookshelves and in print and digital delivery.

Be sure to use your Google+ profile link in the URL box so others can follow you as well below.

In the mean time, help your friends out and share this blog post using the social media buttons at the top of this post. Happy New Year to all! – Chris

Google+ Marketing: Who Is The Expert?

Since there is such a huge multivariate of experts on Google+, can I make a suggestion? Pick One. Yeah One. Just one Google+ expert, just one Google+ Authority. Here’s Why!

All the time I see pleas from new peeps on Google+, asking who to follow for G+ business marketing advice. We usually have no idea what kind of business he or she has, what goals the person has, or what they want to achieve on Google+ marketing their business.

The poor person usually gets back No less than 30 people to follow on Google+. They all usually say the same thing, mostly sharing Google Blogs and most advice on Google Plus comes down to “Click here” and “Go there…” Nothing wrong with that either, but there are other things you should be doing in your Google+ Marketing plan too.

In IM (internet marketing) we call this Guru Hopping or Niche Hopping: Go follow every one, try everything, fail at everything. Then go cry. In fact it was Chris Brogan that ispired this article with his We Are No Experts blog post today.

Here’s a little different plan than most Google+ click experts will tell you to use and one that will return way more than ANY number of followers on Google+, Facebook or Twitter ever could

Can I ask you something? Do you have the #1 expert in any subject, that you can ask for the decisive answer, on any question that you have?

No you probably don’t. Because you spend most of your time worrying about how many friends you have on Twitter, Facebook and G+ rather than who and how many you have been a friend to….

So here is a list of in my eyes, The most accessible and top experts in their particular niches. These are the people you want to get to know. Because when you need help, and you have used social sharing, commenting and voting to let these people get to know you, they will help you.

Here’s the most accessabile top expert niche authority peeps on Google+

+Mari Smith – Relationship Marketing
+Jack Humphrey – Content Curation
+Michel Fortin Sales Copy for IM
+Barry Schwartz SEO
+Denis Labelle Breaking Google+ News
+Martin Maybruck Mobile Websites
+Travis Campbell Affiliate Marketing
+Trey Ratcliff Photography
+Lynette Young Google+ Community
+Robert Scoble Startups
+Darren Rowse Mega Blog Traffic
+François Beaufort Chrome / Chromebook Guru

Also, anyone just getting their feet wet on G+ should get Jesse Stay’s Google+ For Dummies, day one required reading.

Also Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything is due to ship from Amazon on January 1st, again, required reading.

Bottom line, when it comes to Google+ Marketing, help your followers, that is your job, true leaders help, not just lead. Get to know the Google+ influencers, that will return more value for your time than any amount of followers, sales or traffic.

Got someone you would like to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below and Happy Holidays every one…

Women of Google+ Hangout On Air with Chris Lang

The very charming, highly skilled Lynette Young , also the creator of The Women Of Google+ drug some of my best Google+ Marketing Secrets out in a hangout session on her Monday night show.

Here is some of the Google+ Marketing secrets you will learn:

  • How Lynette built a 191,000 following on Google+ in the first 5 months…
  • How to create strong relationships at warp speed
  • Where time is best spent on any social site to do the same
  • Why you should or should not be creating Google+ business pages
  • Learn about the new Google+ Hangouts On Air Platform, and how it records directly to YouTube and presents your webinar replay minutes later…

Click To Play now!

IMPORTANT: Notice at the beginning we get off to a slow start. This is Google’s new On Air Google+ Hangouts feature. It records the hangout, and minutes after you are done, it has the replay ready on YouTube.

But be ready when you get started, our slow start at the beginning can cause cold leads to the video to bounce very quickly. This is a 3 day old new Google+ marketing feature and Lynette did very well with it, just be aware that it starts recording right away when you begin the Google+ Hangout.

New Google Menu and Why

Google’s new menu UI has brought mixed feelings, so I thought I would explain how I see Google’s thinking, UI best practices and why what is where on the new Google navigation…

new Google menu

My fellow G+ user, Thomas Morffew, posted that – No Google Music, Wallet, Offers or Blogger was a glaring ommision. NOTE: Thomas is UK based and this is the screen shot of the UK version of the new Google menu… So I respond…

Currently, there is no Music, Offers, Wallet, Mobile or Blogger and it was not in the prior menu either. Actually Thomas Morffew, this menu is in keeping with prior Google UIs so I am not surprised things like Music is missing.

Typically Google menu UIs contain 9 items vertically, as does G+ notification over lays. 9 items seems to be what G finds best use. The first row is search based. Search an item, then click an item on the left menu, that search is filtered to that search filtered place, be it Google Images or say YouTube. Been that way for over two years now with the old overlay.

I would show you this in action here, but currently, I still do not have the new Google UI out of my datacenter in Arizona. However I have had it for last week and a half on my Google TV, go figue.

Also why would they have Mobile in a browser menu? And Wallet and Offers is set it and forget it, you get offer alerts to Gmail, neither belongs on this menu, but I can understand Blogger and Music complaints. In my mind, Google simply ran out of room.

Hope you have the new Google Menu UI in your browser, let me know what you think in the comments below, or share this on Google+ and PM +ChrisLang to let me know your opinions. – Chris

Google Friend Connect Closing – Replaced By Google+ Badges

Google Friend Connect, I want to say goodbye my old friend. You will be sorely missed, Google Friend Connect made the web better, for me, for you, and especially for Facebook!

Google Friend Connect Logo

Yesterday, 11-23-2011 Mike Elgan caught the Google+ news that Google Friend Connect was now on the list to be closed, by the slimmer and fitter Google+.

So, before every blogger with a keyboard says Google Friend Connect was doomed from the start, or worse, let’s set the record straight, and give Google+ Friend Connect a proper farewell, shall we?

Let me take you back in time, to a time Chris Lang was not a Google Social Marketing fanboy. A time when MyBlogLog and Digg ruled the world of social media traffic, and Chris Lang was a fanboy with out a cause, shall we?

Google Friend Connect Timeline

  • This story starts in 2007, when Digg, Delicious and MyBlogLog were king, and Twitter and Facebook were just sites that we did not have time for… I was the new kid on the block, and Jack Humphrey was the social marketing king, with 13,000 friends on MyBlogLog alone… (jealous i was too)
  • May 12, 2008 – Google Friend Connect is announced. I say NO WAY, Google Friend Connect will never be on my blogs!
  • Sep 16, 2008 – I make my first video, after seeing Google Friend Connect being tested in the Blogger Follower widgets on blogger. Most cry “Purple Elephants he sees”…
  • NOTE: See the big guy next to me? John McGowan is one of the smartest guys I have ever had the pleasure to know. I miss my friend dearly and always will… RIP BTW, give me some slack, it was my first video, OK?

  • August 17, 2008 – I discover Google profiles and Google Reader sharing, write monster blog post, no one cares…
  • October 2008, Chris Lang launches the Google Friend Connect blog, no one cares….
  • December, 2008, Google Friend Connect is released, everyone cares
  • Christmas, 2008, Facebook imitates GFC and Facebook is blocked as a phishing site for almost 12 hours, no one cares, but it’s interesting news, we all laugh

And The Rest Is Google Social Networking History

This is about where most of you come in, Rocque, Whitney Pannell, and Boomhauer, you were there, and I was somewhat full of myself, yes I was….

So, what replaces Google Friend Connect You Ask?

Well, I am glad to announce that Google+ pages and Google+ Pages badges carry on the next evolution of Google Friend Connect, bringing a clean new look to Google+ Pages.

Before you ask yourself if you should create a Google+ Page, read this Google+ Brand / Pages article…

Next if you are a Non Profit or Google+ Community, take a deep look here…

If you are a Local Google+ Page Geo Targeted business, take a look at the tools Google+ has to offer Google+ Local pages soon…..

Now, if you are ready to jump into the new Google+ Marketing Tools, then create your Google+ pages here

Then, create your next generation Google Friend Connect Google+ Badge here

Many thanks to Mussie Shore and Chris Messina, two visionaries that the OpenSocial web owes many thanks, as I do :]

One last word…

Let me take a moment to say, Google Friend Connect and the developer team that worked so hard and got little thanks, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! You have inspired me and brought out the best that I did not know I had. You have helped me become a better person, a recognized thinker, and soon, made Chris Lang a published author.

All I can say is…. “What A Long Strange Wave It Has Been…” – Chris Lang