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Hangouts On Air Embedded Video Is The First Serious Tool From Google+

Hangouts On Air can now be embedded on a webpage. This is the first serious tool Google+ has given us to drive traffic and you can now see my weekly “Google Plus For Business” show at http://www.gplusknight.com every Wednesday at 7 PM EST on that page.

Just grab the code in the hangout…

(click for full size)

Paste that single line of code into a webpage or a blog post. My advice would be to create a blog post like this one on the day or the show. As your show starts copy and paste in the embeded iFrame and hit save. Since it is the latest post it will be at the top of the blog on the domain. Just shout the domain now and anyone can easily see the streaming show.

I myself suggest that is you are going to build a list, you stream your Hangouts On Air to your squeeze page.

(click for full size)

Links from the G Drive Show

Whishlist that I use to build my members site…

Here is the step by step instructions to the Form that Courtney Engle showed us how to create.

Great example of what can be done with Google Docs forms here using a form to ask Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists to submit their credentials for inclusion in a directory site.

Gdrive Help file: Publishing does not affect visibility.

Gdrive Help file: About Gdocs Sharing.

Add more Google Gdrive Storage here…

What’s New For Google Documents, an overview.

What G Drive Lacks For Marketers

The one glaring lacking feature on G+ is the inability to only share content either publicly, or with our Circles. What Google+ lacks is the ability to make content only visible to those who FOLLOW me or better yet, one of my pages.

There is absolutely no way to say “Follow my page to get premium content” that I only share with my followers.” +Jack Humphrey did a very good job of delivering a great video tutorial when you Liked his Facebook page.

If Google sees that as incentivizing G+ pages and a violation of the Pages TOS then they had better rethink that one. Because instead of driving traffic here to build a page following I am instead driving it to my site.

If Google wants us to build our page Numbers then they are going to have to give us more to work with than what we have now. I will be showing you how we can create some very cool secured content with G Drive tomorrow, but I can’t secure it to my followers only. You have to follow my page, I have to manually follow you back the then manually share the content. That is not how business tools are supposed to work…

Google Analytics WorkShop For Business

Don’t miss Part 3 of my Google Analytics series: Google Analytics Workshop Live

What you will learn

  • The ONLY WordPress plugin you should be using to add Google Analytics tracking to your blog ~
  • How to set up Google analytics the RIGHT Way!
  • Why you may have Google Analytics set up the wrong way
  • Meet normal Google+ users just like you and see how they are using Google Analytics to make more money and save more time
  • Get your questions answered live during the show by Chris Lang and his special guest panel….

UPDATE: Show Notes

Here’s the links to the plugins we talked about:

The floating button sharing plugin is here and you can see it in action to the left of this blog post, try it out.

Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin

Analytics plugin author Joost De Valk interview.

Ileane’s Slide Share from her presentation.

GASP – GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin


Watch Part 3: Wednesday, April, 25th, at 7 PM EST… Click Here! to see the show live on my Google+ page…

Need to get up to speed on What Google Analytics can do for you right now? Just watch the replays below…

Part 1: Google Analytics For Google Plus

Google post on the new reporting in Google Webmaster Tools

Part 2: Google Analytics for Social Media

Here is Daniel Waisberg’s take away from the email tracking section of this post.

Want to be sure not to miss more free training like this? Get the best Google Plus News via my Google Plus Newsletter here

Google Analytics Social & Email Tracking Webinar

Google Analytics Certified Partner, Daniel Waisberg, will be hanging out live with you to answer all your Google Analytics questions Wednesday, April 18th, 4 PM EST

UPDATE: The Replay is now live below:

Breaking news, we reveal in the webinar that Google will soon track Google+ badges on our sites and way more, Click the video below to play!

On this webinar you will learn…

How to use the new Google Analytics social reports

How to track links you send out in emails to your list the right way

How to use the new dashboards we showed you last week to save you time

Where and When?

Just go to this link at 4 PM EST, Wednesday, April 18th to watch this live streamed event…

Just who is Daniel Waisberg?

Daniel Waisberg is the Founder & Editor of online-behavior.com, a Marketing Measurement & Optimization website. He is also the Owner of Conversion Journey, a Google Analytics Certified Partner that provides insights on improving the measurement and performance of websites.

He has managed Web Analytics and Online Competitive Analysis for several websites being responsible for the measurement, analysis, and optimization of over a dozen websites.He holds a M.Sc. in Operations Research and Decisions from Tel Aviv University, where he developed a statistical model that helps to optimize websites using Markov Chains. Daniel is a frequent speaker & member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

Hope to hear from you on the Google+ page where you can ask questions in real time! – Chris

YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting (huge plus)

YouTube To Add Google+ Commenting Says Tom Pickett, Head of YouTube Operations

In an interview with Reuters news service, Pickett, on Thursday 4-12, during a visit to India went on to say…

“As we think of incorporating Google Plus type functionality we think we can get a better dialogue going and a social platform that’s not just YouTube but it’s actually a common piece that cuts across all Google products.”

youtube logo image

Youtube, the massively dominant video sharing website owned by Google, aims to spruce up its social networking skills through better integration across platforms, and hopes to more than double annual ad revenue in emerging markets like India, the top executive said.

“YouTube has been lacking great social features. Commenting and sharing have been part of YouTube, but the experiences could be much better than they are.”

YouTube says it gets around 800 million unique users every month. India is the second-biggest source of content for YouTube, after the United States.

Pickett said YouTube was working on areas such as the comments section of the site, which doesn’t allow users to log in from other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Webinar

Take a tour of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools with Chris Lang and his special guest panel

UPDATE: You can now see the Analytics webinar, just click the video below…

Google plus on air with Chris Lang logo

Thursday, April 12th, at 7 PM EST, myself, Chris Lang and a special guest panel will be taking a tour of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and the new social analytics tracking.

Click here at 7 PM EST, April 12th, to see the webinar…

NOTE: You may have to refresh that page to see the On Air notification for the webinar Thursday, US time.

You get the lowdown on all these new tools and more. Checkout what we will be covering below and ask your questions in comments below in advance. If you need to translate this to your time zone, the World Time Converter can do that for you.

We will be covering:

  • Why enabling author links is so important
  • What data is shared when Google+ authorship is enabled
  • Where you can find this new data
  • When the cool new tools are coming
  • How to get even more from Google Analytics social tracking

Add your questions by commenting below so we can be even more prepared to give you an easy to understand tour of these new social tools

In the morning we will also be posting a Google+ thread to ask questions on real time during the show. Don’t miss this one of a kind even, see you all tomorrow! – Chris

New Google+ Layout = Office 2000 + Facebook

I Woke up this mornin’… Got myself some coffee… Everything I had was gone, Gosh Darn Shame…

(sang to the sopranos theme song)

Seriously, I woke up, grabbed some coffee, read my email, then as always went to Google+ for my dose of news and tech.

Then I thought it was April Fools. Checked the date. Thought I was on Facebook. Nope. Thought I had started my Windows 2000 machine. Nope….

Then I realized I WAS on Google+, take a look:

The New Google+ Plus Layout:

(click for full size)

Now take a look at my Facebook page:

(click for full size)

(click for full size)

Then Office 2000:

(click for full size)

They look just a little bit familiar don’t they? Good God Google? What have you done?

Do you like the old school look? Here you go, you can get it here:

Chris Lang’s Google+ Feed…

Chris Lang’ Google+ RSS Feed

Go thru my page, log in by allowing the app, and you are done. Want a custom vanity URL, for only $15 you get a branded URL and a branded RSS feed just like I do. The free version does the same thing, but based on your 21 digit Google+ ID.

Here’s the result of this carnage…

  • Everything published about Google+ is now trash…
  • Everything on YouTube about Google+ is now trash…
  • No publisher will trust any author to write about G+ now, and I can’t trust Google enough to write a book myself
  • How many Chrome Extensions for Google+ will break?
  • Every blogger in the world is going to compare the layout to Facebook, back to Google bashing we go :[
  • Mark Zuckerberg just threw up from launghing so hard at Google+ and I don’t blame him!

Seriously, you all know I am a Google Plus fanboy going back to 2008 when I began to talk right here, on GooglingSocial.com about what Google had in store for us. This is not my beautiful home, this is not my beautiful wife. This is FACEBOOK!

How To Add Author Code To WordPress (easy way)

Google+ Author Tags Now Only Require Google Plus Badges or so we believe…

Want to see that author thumbnail of your bright shiny face in Google search? It is now easier than before, with just a Google+ badge

We believe that Google has finally learned their lesson, since 99% of all WordPress users don’t know how to even find the head section, read basic HTML, or have just about ZERO confidence when it comes to editing WordPress code files. WordPress users use plugins, that’s it. Without a plugin, they are sunk when it comes to adding G+ code to WordPress or Blogger either.

Remember the main reason Google Friend Connect failed is it originally required you to FTP files to your site. Let’s hope Google has smartened up a bit.

IMPORTANT: This is a test to see if author thumbnails only need the badge, so we are going to test this on my site: KeyWebData.com…

That site currently shows author thumbnails in search, but it does link to my Google Plus profile the old way. Now that I believe all it takes is the badge, I have removed the author links and now only use the badge on the site.

If what I believe is true, then KeyWebData.com will continue to display author thumbnails in Google search results without using the old author links or the current author HTML tags.

Here is how to add the badge and authorship the easy way

Step #1

First off create a text widget in WordPress. Log into WordPress, go to Appearance, then click Widgets. Once there drag a Text widget to your side bar.

(click for full size)

Adding a text widget to the WordPress sidebar

Step #2

Next go to the code generator and and get the code for a Google Plus badge. The direct link to the personal badge code is here, and the badge for business pages is here…

(click for full size)

Adding the badge code to the widget

Get the badge code, right click, copy, go to step 3.

Step #3

Head on back to your WordPress Text widget, below the paste the code in.

(click for full size)

Adding the badge code to the widget

Click save. It’s just that easy, a caveman could do it!

You should not see a badge like mine in the right hand sidebar of this site.

If you would like to create a more interesting Google+ badge, I have some simple to code to make a phat G+ badge like mine here….

Step #3.5

What about Blogger sites? Simply use the same steps outlined above and add the HTML / JavaScript gadget to your Blogger sidebar. Also you should already see authorship showing for Blogger sites if you have the author of the blog set to the same Gmail address as you use for Google+ logins. Clients of mine have showed authorship validation simply by doing what I have just outlined.

Step #4

Then test to see if it works here:

Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool

You can also see my site, KeyWebData.com using the exact code and validating here, and it has for over 9 months now using nothing more than a link tag in the side bar.

(click for full size)

All of Chris Lang's sites showing G+ author thumbnails

Remember that author thumbnails in Google search pre-date Google+ release in late June, 2011. Plus, there has been tons of changes to this code over time.

If your code throws an error saying something is wrong, it’s is probably because you did not link to the site from your Google profile, or did not do so with the exact URL. You must link to the site we are testing, with exactly the same URL structure.

This possible error depends on your site setting in Google Webmaster Tools. If you have not set a preference to www. or the the lack of it, it will throw an error as you can see this site doing in the link, testing GooglingSocial.com without the www. in the URL.

That means of you are using www. in your links from your Google+ profile, then you must use them in the testing tool.

If it is a page badge you are testing, then the same thing applies, you must link to the site, with or without the www. in the URL.

So if you have set your blog to always use www. in the domain or links, you must also use the same or you may not see the image from your Google+ profile.

Add the author link tag to the head or not?

Of course I advocate adding the link tag to the head section of WordPress. That file to do so can be found in WordPress by going to Appearance, then Editor, then opening the header.php file.

But I wanted to show you that if you do not have the skills to do so, this simple badge can get it done for you today, without adding a plugin, or having the skills to edit a HTML file.

Google used to supply the link tag below in the badge widget I just showed you how to add. But now they have removed it in favor of the author url in the last line of badge code.

Step #5

There is some evidence that you have to add your author code to see the actual thumbnail image. If you feel the same way, here is the code to do so. So….

Add this code to your new text widget if you are adding the personal badge:

<link href=”https://plus.google.com/YOUR-G+-PROFILE” rel=”author” />

Add this code to your new text widget if you are adding the publisher or business page badge:

<link href=”https://plus.google.com/YOUR-G+-PROFILE” rel=”publisher” />

We will replace the YOUR-G+-PROFILE with the same 21 digit numeric string you got from your Google profile for the widget.

We will return to this post later the week and determine if my site, KeyWebData.com, is still showing G+ author thumbnails in search.

Hope this helps! – Chris

Google+ Author Thumbnails On YouTube Results SERPS

Yesterday for the first time I saw author thumbnails showing in Google search results on YouTube videos

My friend Steven Vargas showed up in Google results with his author thumbnail showing yesterday.

(click for full size)

It is important to note that this is not Google social search but what passes for Google organic search. More correctly we now use “universal search” as Google called it when they began integrating images, news, YouTube and at times other video platforms years ago.

How To Build A Better Google Plus Badge

After seeing other Google+ users asking for a better badge for business and personal profiles, I decided to show you how to do it yourself

Below is the step by step directions to create your own badge like mine you see here for WordPress and Blogger sites.

Image of Chris Lang's Google+ Badge...

Since you have already probably used the HTML gadget on Blogger or the Text Widget on WordPress to add your badge, it does not take much more to make it a better converting badge. All you have to do to add a personal image, business logo and a call to action to your Google Plus badge widget is add a few lines of code.

Here is the code piece by piece, don’t worry, at the end I have a copy and paste box for the least adventurous :]

Add a bounding box

Some themes like mine do not offer a bounding box or a header. Easy to fix. Just add this code to the first line of the sidebar widget.

<div style=”border: solid black 1px; width: 300px”>



Adding a Call to Action

Both the HTML gadget on Blogger and the Text Widget on WordPress offer a Headline text box. Use that for a “Call To Action” headline like “Follow Google Plus For Business On Google+”… If that is not to your liking you can use an H3 tag to create a headline.

<h3 style=”red”>REPLACE WITH HEADLINE TEXT</h3>

Just add that with your own headline text just above your G+ badge code line.

Adding a picture

Adding an image of yourself always has been a conversion king going back to my first day on the web in 1999. Here is how to add any image you like to the badge widget.

<img src=”PATH TO IMAGE” alt=”Google+ profile image” / >

That is all it takes to create an image in HTML. I would suggest that you use an image about 175 pixels wide so it fits the side bar well.

Center the code in the sidebar

All it takes is two simple lines of code to center your HTML in the side bar like mine is on the right.



Last, Break Up Code Lines


That is called a break tag, it puts what is called a carriage return or a paragraph spacing between HTML blocks of code.

Putting it all together


<div style=”border: solid black 1px; width: 300px”>

<h3 style=”red”>REPLACE WITH HEADLINE TEXT</h3>

<img src=”PATH TO IMAGE” alt=”Google+ profile image” / >





Can’t do that? Here is the HTML for you…

Badge Code text file…

Right click that file and save it to your desktop. Then open it with notepad in Windows, on a Mac, open it with your text editor.

Now just copy and paste that text into your text widget like the screen shot below, replacing the GOOGLE BADGE CODE with your own badge code or existing badge code in a widget.

Adding code to text box widget (click for full size)

Image of adding Google+ badge code

Bottom line here – “Don’t have a boring widget, don’t have a boring Google+ following…”

New Google+ Personal Profile Badge

Easily create a Google+ Profile Badge For Your Personal Profile So You Can Be Followed Right From Your Site

Image of Chris Lang's Google+ author thumbnail in search...

Just like we have seen Google Plus badges for business profiles that allow you to follow Google+ brand pages from a business website, now we have badges for Google+ personal profiles.

Get your Google+ personal profile badge here…

The great news is that the code also comes with the author tag to easily and quickly set up your Google+ author link so that your author thumbnail shows up in Google search results for your blog.

You can see my author thumbnail in search results below and try out my new Google+ personal profile badge in the right sidebar of this page >>>

Image of Chris Lang's Google+ author thumbnail in search...

Google Plus For Business Badges

I you are ready to take your Google plus business marketing to the next level and have a business page set up then here is the link to set up your Google+ business page badge.

I want to be sure that you know that the business page Google+ badge should only be used on a true business site, brand, blog or site that supports a local brick and mortar business. Only one website can be designated as the business website connected to the Google+ business page currently.

The rest of your sites should use the personal profile badge as discussed above.