Orkut The New Google Me?

New Orkut features spawn Google Me rumors, let me go on record saying Google Me will not be Orkut, no way, no how!

With the new features at Orkut a sudden flurry of Google Me theories have risen. They are wrong.

First off let me say I know Google Me is real. I know when Google Me will launch. And I bet I can predict exactly what it will look like. Not ready to reveal that yet, but when I am, you will know first if you are on my Google Social Networking notification list.

Second, as marketer, I will bet my last dollar that there is no way Orkut will be Google Me. Orkut is perceived as a failure and that cannot compete with Facebook. NOT TRUE but perceived.

Let’s look at perception in pop media

  • Mel Gibson was the sexiest man in the world on the cover of Time 10 yrs ago. Now he is PERCEIVED as an old senile drunk.
  • Madonna was trendy and fashionable into her late 30s. Unbelievable for a female, but now she is PERCEIVED as an anorexic old hag. South Park rips on her regularly.
  • Rock Hudson hid his homosexuality because he was a brand, PERCEIVED as very masculine and macho.

Perception is important. Orkut is perceived and a failure that Facebook has buried in boot heel dust.

Orkut’s perception would have to be massively changed thru marketing. MASSIVELY!

But a new brand? It’s new, try it out, never before seen features, revolutionary and one of a kind, lightning fast, saves you time, go see the new Google Me now!

Try using that kind of adcopy with Orkut. FAIL! Hence Orkut is NOT going to be Google ME. Keep your eyes out for my video and my next set of Google Me predictions (link to part 1). I have got Google Me down pat.

2 comments on “Orkut The New Google Me?

  1. Hi Chris

    I would agree with you entirely. There is no way that GoogleMe will be the “old” Orkut, or come to that a revamped orkut.

    Google are Much smarter than that. They may have made a couple of failed attempts at social systems but they have reacated quickly when things have gone wrong in the past and “waved” bye bye to avoid “waving” flags they cant lower gracefully (excuse the pun).

    My Money is going in the same Pot as Chris’s

    Geoff Lord

  2. I think anything with the Google brand name in it is doomed to failure as as Facebook killer. Who wants to send out friends requests to “Google Me” or whatever – only someone who wants to come across as a Google-loving geek. Google needs to massively improve its street cred if it’s to take on FB and I don’t ever see it managing that.