iGoogle Christmas 3D Ornament Gadget

Just add to iGoogle, print, color and cut out these 3D Christmas ornaments for a fast and fun kids activity this Christmas!

One of my clients wanted to do a viral iGoogle gadget. I advised him that it takes more than just cool products for a gadget like what he had planned.

So Margie (my PA and other half) and I came up with a set of 3D Christmas ornaments that kids can print out, color and then
easily assemble into 3D Christmas ornaments.

Check this out, click here to add it to iGoogle Add to iGoogle.

Not only is this a great example of viral marketing but the ornaments are really cool and even us big kids had fun with them.

Margie is going to college for 3D modeling so she designed the ornaments, turned the models into paper ornaments and we had a great time coloring and hanging them on our tree. YAY Margie!

Got better ways this could have been done? Let me know in the comments below.

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