How To Create & Host News Style Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air can be your own TV show if you know how to find compelling content, create great discussions and host news show fueled Hangouts On Air

The days of the “On The Spot” action reporter and her ever present, smart remarking but ever so loyal camera toting side kick have been replaced by YouTube videos, Facebook posts and live Twitter streams. The “Eye In The Sky” helicopter is now replaced by web cams on the freeway and Tweets by commuters. Some how sports reporting hangs on though and we like it that way. :]

As Hangouts hosts (that’s you) become more and more skilled, so will the production of Hangouts On Air, as we expect to see the evening news soon created by us. Have you watched the local news station lately? Probably not, and until just recently neither had I.

When I did I realized that the only thing left to be replaced was the (at least in Arizona) awful commentary being spewed out of a C student communications major’s overly lipsticked mouth. The time is now folks, drop everything and become the local news commentator in your niche.

Or become the new QVC. Or how about the new ESPN. Maybe the new Tosh 2.0 or maybe the next reality show. We all got crazy up to here in our family somewhere right? Why not your own reality show. Shoot your own talk show in the garage, how about that? There was even a show like that in the 80s, called “My Talk Show” and it was hilarious.

Don’t believe me though, watch some real news peeps show you how

Here is Sarah Hill and a panel of experts to show you how to create a great Hangout On Air show, and not just any show, one filled with great content your audience WANTS to hear!

Here’s the equiment you will need

Lighting is SO important to doing a great Hangout, or any video really, here is the lighting I use both at live shows AND in my home office.

Hangouts On Air will do all the work for you but you need a great webcam? Get the best here today…..

What should your show be about?

Whatever you do, DO NOT do yet another Internet marketing show, no one has time for that and you just can’t compete with the big boys like Jack Humphrey. Expect to see the rest of IM jumping on this soon and you just can’t go round with StomperNet and the rest. Even I can’t compete with them. Don’t you try either.

Now, go out to your garage, your basement, better yet the back yard and think about what people want to see and what you can deliver. Used to be a surfer in the day? Go do your own surf show from the beach. (beach shows with hot bodies do very very well on YouTube BTW)

Like go to the drag strip and watch racing like I do? Do a show on it. NOW GO! It’s Labor Day and you have fun work to do! It’s my birthday today and I am going to be working on my new show studio too :]

6 comments on “How To Create & Host News Style Hangouts On Air

  1. Should be fun to see what you come up with Chris compared to what some of us other Hangout on Air Experts do as well. Let the games begin!

  2. Thanks for the info it is great! Watch for Sewing Online Hangout.

  3. Craig R. Long on said:

    I watch live Hangouts on Air directly from the Google+ profile page.

  4. phahlani moyo on said:

    Sara thank you for your show how to create host news.Its great but we trying to develop this idea in zambia through netinnovation with Jerry sakala.we have challenges in enlighting the people how to use google tech.iam not a media expert but an author of a book “You were for business “available on can i do hangouts on my book?

  5. Umm besides your negativity, really great content.

    • Lisa, if I had it to do all over again, I would never enter the IM (internet marketing) space. I am encouraging all my followers to do something new instead of overwhelming their followers with more IM and marketing shows.

      Use your marketing knowledge to get out of a niche that is not only clogged but filled with misinformation.