Google Plus Hangouts For Local Businesses – Reader Question

One of my G+ Jedi Members asked how local businesses, you know, real brick and mortar Mom And Pop type stuff using Google+ Hangouts On Air for their business.

I felt this one as worth answering publicly.

*** Reader Question ***

How can a Plumber or Restaurant use Hangouts On Air?

I can’t say as I want to watch a Plumber fix a toilet live unless it’s my own toilet, but a Restaurant?

Cooking lessons anyone?

Food shows about new entrees?

Le’ts get the bartender (better yet a male and female of the 20 something very attractive variety) both behind the bar and have them pour the Winter drink specials.

You already have well dressed, smart people for your show. You already have a beautiful, branded backdrop for the Hangout broadcast. Restaurants are well lit, and it is easy to shoot this kind of Hangout in the morning before the regular staff comes in. You could even stage some of the staff in street clothes at the bar in the background, really make it seem like THE fun place that I want to bring my wife or date.

Mmmm I can just about taste the Bailey’s / Beam and Coffee now.

Get them back behind the bar to again pour the spring specials.

Believe me, I was a GREAT waiter back when, and if you own a restaurant you are already up to here in fantastic actors that crave the spotlight.

But if you have clients that #1 are way time challenged and #2 way tech challenged, then this is a opportunity for you to handle the camera work for them and get paid on some extra consulting hours.

Got more questions about how Hangouts on Air can be used for business? Ask below and I will do my best to show you the way. – Chris


One comment on “Google Plus Hangouts For Local Businesses – Reader Question

  1. This is the sort of advice, which you can sell after doing one HO for the management. Or have an HOA from a another bar on You Tube that you have really pushed views.

    Nice niche business…Bars and Restaurants