Google Wave or Gwave?

Decide what we are going to call Google Wave, Gwave? It’s up to you!

Take a look at this one minute video on Google Wave / Gwave monikers and decide what you want to call Gwave.

Will you continue to call it Google Wave or will you pick something else? It’s your call, let me know what you think in the comments or better yet leave Google a video response with your laptop webcam…

5 comments on “Google Wave or Gwave?

  1. :-P I love the idea of calling it Gwave but you’re a dork!

  2. Wave is better… otherwise, you might as well have GMaps, GWorld, and so on. I think “GMail” worked because it sounds like “EMail” (but two letters more advanced). There is no such sound-linkage to GWave, so Google should keep its pattern of adding “Google” in front of everything until the whole world is a big google…

  3. Hi,

    This is random but I noticed you’re using Aweber’s blog broadcast…have you seen You might like it.

    Hope it helps,

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