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Forget The Free Crap,
Discover The Truth About Google Plus Powerful Secrets Nobody Knows
Shocking Mistakes Everybody Makes
This Is How It's Really Done...

WARNING: These secrets have shocked a lot of people including
                  the big Internet Gurus. Don't Proceed at your own risk...

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Re: Here's Google's Secret Plan....

Guess What?
G+ Is NOT A Social Network,
G+ Is the NEW Google

From: Chris Lang

Hi, my name is Christopher Lang and I have been working night and day for six years to share this with you.

As you read this page you're going to become one of a very small and select group of marketers who know an astonishing secret to building highly targeted lists and achieving top search rankings fast... Bet you heard that line before, didn't you? But this time it's true.

Are you ready? Are you sure?

Google, the giant, is now the largest social networking platform imaginable! It's so big that Facebook and Twitter are peeing in their pants like little boys trying to duplicate it. And they can't, because Google has been developing this behind the scenes for 10 years.

So what is Google cookin' up that is creating such a hype and uproar among Internet marketing circles?

Google has created a social networking platform where all its online services will be merged. Google has tied it all together with the new social sharing platform, Google+. Google+ is creating the most powerful and user-rich experience imaginable.

So: "What Can I Do With This?"
You ask-- Scratching your head...

With just one of my strategies you can easily outrank your toughest competition in Google results that you never thought you could get anywhere near before now (more on this in a minute). Don't believe me? Take a look at the screenshot below, taken just last week if you want proof, and you deserve proof too. I don't even believe my ranking below.

Screenshot of Google results

Above is a screenshot taken in May 2013 of my Google+ business page
outranking Google for their own top search term!

What Will You Do If
Your Competition Rocks Google
With This... And You Don't?

Google has tons of ways to promote your site and let your prospects and leads get to know you, but almost no one knows about them yet.

You may have heard of Google Plus, and Google Hangouts. You may have even heard me, Chris Lang, who was the first to monetize Hangouts On Air while I was one of 200 beta testers in May of 2012. Not to brag, but I raked in $30,000 in sales before almost anyone else even got to do a Hangout On Air.

But what you don't know is it goes way deeper than that. Way way deeper. In fact it took me over 6 years of slaving over this hot computer day in and day out, to get to the bottom of this for you.

Google has built the perfect viral marketing engine spread throughout more than 50 applications owned by Google. It is everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

We are talking places like Google Maps, YouTube, Gdrive Google Docs, Google News, Gmail, your Google Calendar, Google Plus and Google Places in Local Search. Google+ is so hot, Google even retired Google Reader: I guess we just don't need RSS readers anymore-- now that Google+ has replaced RSS for good.

And of course Google+ brings you the boring benefits everybody else promises, like driving big traffic, building huge email lists, saving a boat load of time and above all making money.

So it's going to be something BIG and marketers will be able to reach their target audience without paying big bucks or waiting for ages. It is going to be marketing nirvana. That's the prime reason I am so freaked out and want to tell people about the most unique and small time-slotted window open for anyone wanting to grab the opportunity and become Internet rich.

Backlinks Are Still SEO Gold
But +1s Are The #1 Indicator Of Quality

In 2013 used the Spearman's rank correlation coefficient to compile this set of top rankings correlations social indicators.

Search Metrics Social Search Ranking Factors 2013

The different Facebook metrics feature the highest values, of which 'shares' appear to have the strongest association, even higher than the aggregated value for shares, comments and 'likes' together. Twitter is far behind these values but is still the 6th strongest metric in our analysis behind Facebook and the number of backlinks.

Bottom Line: In 2013 and beyond, Google+ +1s are #1 In SEO...

Can You Get Your Clients And
Your Own Sites The +1s You Need
To Earn Top Rankings?

If not then what is going to happen when someone searches for your best converting posts and you are not there because you are on Facebook and not driving Google+ users to your site that do cast +1s and share your page into their Google+ network of friends?

What are you going to tell your consulting clients when they ask you how to get +1s for their sites?

For Business Owners,
There May Be Nothing More Important
Than Ranking Highly In Local Search

Menus are the number one thing that consumers want to find when they search for restaurants online. What happens when your local business client is not found in search, but their competition is?

In fact, beyond the menu availability issue, the study makes the case that there’s no more important marketing channel for restaurants than local search.

Consider This:

92% of those surveyed have searched for a restaurant on the web in the last 6 months

75% of consumers surveyed often choose a restaurant to dine at based on search results

84% of consumers look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine. According to the survey, consumers are searching for new restaurants more than they are any other industry, including entertainment, retail outlets, hotels, and personal services.

80% of consumers want to see a menu before they eat at a restaurant, and 70 percent want to be able to read the menu on a mobile device.

81% of consumers surveyed have searched for a restaurant on a mobile app in the last 6 months

Source: via Mike Blumenthal - Local Marketing Expert

And what's more -- all this social activity can bring you search rankings in Google that would make top Authority sites green with envy... I mean... we out rank Techcrunch, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, The NY Times, Cnet and any one else but Google themselves for major search terms! Because our friends on Google tell them we should rank there.

What Ever You, Heard About Google+
Is Wrong - G+ Is Not Social, Or SEO
More Like A Shoe, A Nike For Business, That Must Fit Yours Just Right

What must you do to get the most out of Google Plus?

I bet you can't answer that yet, because you are, stuck like a truck, mired in confusion, brought about, by the big gurus. Sending you Facebook Domination Secrets each week. Or Twitter. Your choice.

Worse yet my friend... It goes deeper than that!

You are taking the free advice of your Google+ feed, where the guy that could not sell crack on the best corner, in the hood wants to tell you, he has the good stuff.

Don't buy G+ crack there mate, because your competition is buying it too.

I can tell you this: Google+ is no better, maybe not even as good as Twitter or Facebook. Google+ may not be even near as good, definitely not great. Why? Because you are betting Google+ is just a social site.

Sure Google+ is social, but that is not what I do with Google+ and if you read on, you will never think of Google+ as a site gone social anymore.

Most Bloggers will tell you that Google+ is a social layer, bringing YouTube, Google Docs and Gdrive, Google Calendar, Google Search, even Google Maps together.

Gluing Google Books, Music and Apps via Google Play, Google's payment system, Google Wallet, Google Places, Adwords, AdSense, Google News and even Google's new heads up display, Google Glasses, into One. True that is, but my new friend, ignore all that too. Some will call Google+ a business tool. Are they right? Well kinda, but really they still missed the Google boat. Because what Google+ really is, is a key.

A key that will unlock Google to be used by your business in ways you can't even imagine yet. Really? No, Really, Really! Google+ is all that good my friend. Just read on, it's all here for ya!

But Before You Can Become
The Indiana Jones Of Google+,
Opening Your Ark Of The Conversion--

You Must Learn The Secrets Of
The Knights Google

After working six years, since summer 2008 to decode the real secrets behind Google's so called social efforts,I can tell you, Google+ is more like a set of societies.

Secret societies that allow you to use all those enterprise level applications I just mentioned, like Knights Illuminated. You won't need any secret handshakes to get this knowledge, and I am no DaVinci Code dealer. This is not science fiction, this is science fact.

Here's why I can give you the key to unlock the secrets your competitors don't know yet. Because they still think Google+, is some one size fits all footwear, shoehorned by Al Bundy.

In the light of day, G+ is more like Cinderella's slipper. Everyone wants the golden slipper, to be the Cinderella of the Google ball. The problem I run into most often, with marketers and consultants, is they keep trying cram their feet into Google's shoes, like Cinderella's sisters. And that is their mistake.

Why do I say that? Because Google is not sized like a shoe. You can't just go to Walmart and get Google in your size.

Google+ must be fit to your business's feet, by a skilled craftsmen. Before Walmart, our parents learned their trade over the course of their entire life. Taught to them by masters, knowledge passed down from their fathers, from fathers before.

Then this skilled master craftsmen, can be sure that you get the right fit. A fit that makes you run faster, stand erect and above all, look really cool.

And that is what I do. I fit you, the owner of your business, with just the right pieces of Google. You don't need to know everything about Google+, just the effective pieces. Some pieces you don't even know about yet, or that they are a perfect happy fit for your business.

The new business tools from Google, can make your business happy too, or it can cause you and your customers pain and discomfort.

Imagine if that slipper, slipped to Cinderella, had not fit her foot?

How much time had the Prince wasted, trying to find the one foot the slipper fit?

Seriously? Why keep chasing the girl, that does not want to be caught?

I am sure you have felt the pain, when your presentation hurts the feet of your leads? Since you were not born Prince Charming, your leads are not going to line up, hoping the golden slipper you hold, fits them.

You instead, need you to slip it to the first lead in line-- see, and the fit has to be just right. Now-- Not later.

Then keep moving fast, slipping those custom Google+ slippers, that now your business has an endless supply of, on every foot that comes near. Consultants: Always remember that you can charge way more for a custom fit. Walmart marketing is the cheapest mass produced crap there is... You don't want to be Walmart, do you?

Now I won't promise you can be the Prince Charming of your lead funnel, where the hotties line up to have you slip it to them. But I can promise to make your Google+ marketing, more like one of Prince Charming's Knights, on horse back, moving fast, confidently, decisively. Not trudging through the country side on foot. Wearing painful shoes that don't fit.

Here's Just a Sample
Of What You Can Get
From Google+ Right Now:

Google+ Grows To Become The
2nd Largest Social Platform Globally

Source: GlobalWebIndex’s “Stream Social: 2013 Quarterly Social Platforms Update

Google+, the #2 social network in the world graph  

Google+ #2
YouTube #3
Twitter Sinks to #4

Google+, who despite being branded a failure or ghost town by large portions of the media, grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343m users to become the number 2 social platform.

Interestingly for Google, YouTube (not previously tracked by us as a social platform) comes in at number 3, demonstrating the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer. This is also a key indication of why Google+ integrated with the Google product set is so key to the future of search and the Internet.

Can You See Why You Must
Grow With Google Today
Or Get Left Behind?

Listen... as a marketer you know that no matter what anybody tells you there is one true ingredient for online success...

And that ingredient is of course: Fresh Targeted Traffic and the best comes from Google search where real people with their credit card in their hand what to buy what you sell.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your Internet business and helps you to make sales and make money... no question about it.

And for MOST marketers getting traffic is a an enormous roadblock...

... it's a barrier that many cannot overcome...

They build a new web site, FTP it up to their server, and then cross their fingers that someone out there in the world wide web will stumble upon their site and buy something from them.

The truth is that approximately 95% of Internet marketers do not have enough traffic to make a full time income online, much less get a few sales here or there.

Do you know it take 30,000 visitors a month to make a real profit online? That's what it took me, 30,000 targeted visitors a month to gross $5,000 a week selling a $97 product.

And even those who do have enough traffic generally won't be able to maintain those traffic levels for the long term.

Until now that is (more on this in a sec.)...

There's A Second Ingredient
To Massive Internet Profits
That Separates Successes From Wannabe's...

Traffic... that's number 1...

But there is a 2nd ingredient to online success that seems equally frustrating to achieve for most online marketers.

You see... it has been proven time and time again that you absolutely MUST build your own targeted list to maintain and grow your business...

For most people building a sizable and responsive list could take years of hard work and effort, if they could ever do it at all...


It doesn't have to be this way.

In fact, for you, once you discover what I know, you could be one of a select group of marketers that is able to archive both of these top 2 ingredients for online success with ease.

In fact -- as you're about to discover, you could soon DOMINATE any niche you please with a top secret system engineered to help you quickly grab top rankings and build super targeted lists...

... almost at will!

Easily Build Targeted Lists,
Achieve Top Rankings,
And Get A Flood Of Targeted Traffic
In Any Niche You Please!

For the first time ever, I am going to reveal the secrets to quickly and easily building your own enormous and targeted list in any niche...

I am sure you have heard that line before, I have too. But this is not some lame crap like AutoBlogging, advertising on Facebook or spamming Twitter with robots. Better yet what I teach does not cost you more money than you could ever make before you learn how to do it. In fact using my system will cost you almost nothing and not a cent more than the little I charge for my time. Gotta feed my kids you know?

I am going to teach you exactly how an average every day guy that can't even write a decent headline was able to make $5,000 a week in the first six months using my system. Because I used my own system to go from Internet loser to making more money that my wife could spend no matter how hard she tries. And she tries, believe me!

What's more...

I'm going to let you in on the unknown secrets I use to grab TOP search rankings (and all the traffic that comes with it) for any site you please.

... which gives you the freedom to make a LOT of money-- over and over and over again, each every month!

This information has never been exposed before... How can I say that? Because I invented everything I am going to teach you and I have kept this a secret till now. That's why!

  • Hidden marketing applications inside Google Plus and why you have to be using Google Plus on your blogs.
  • How to get your YouTube videos to rank top 10 under Google searches with big traffic under terms that your websites would never have a chance at.
  • Drastic changes in how Google ranks your sites. Hint: It is NOT just about incoming links as in past years. We are calling this new algo the Google Social Algorithm and you can be the only one using these new Google indicators of website quality. Or will it be your competition again like last time?

Rock Google Business Pages
With My Brand New Tactics
And That Means Google+
G+ Places Local Pages Too!

Plain and simple, the more +1s you get on a Google+ Business page, the more highly you will rank in Google search...

  1. Google+ business pages when created correctly become part of your website rather than a part of Google+ and are completely different that any other social media tool.
  2. Google+ pages have the ability to tally up all the +1s, shares and other indicators of quality and apply it to the connected business website. They even display these totals on the business pages themselves. Personal profiles cannot do this. Google+ business pages integrate highly with Google Analytics, returning not just how the page performed, but how it performed as part of your sales and marketing process.
  3. If you are local brick and mortar business owner, we again believe that your Google+ Local Page will have a direct affect on how you rank in Google local search and integrate with your Google Places page highly in Google Maps.
  4. I am sure you will agree that these are very serious business tools, and all have direct affect on the most important part of your business and that is sales.
  5. Bottom line, your business page should be your starting point and your personal profile should be almost like everyone else's, just one of the people sharing it's great content.

Google's Penguin 2.0 Algorithms Can
Bite Your Business In The Butt
However Google+ Can Save You Instead

Over the last two years, I have been speaking at events large and small. And the one question that I always get is: "How can I save my business and cleints from Google's Penguin updates?"

--and my answer has been the same since 2001. Get strong social sharing across your blogs and sites now.

In early 2012, we began seeing Google's anti blackhat "Penguin 1.0" algorithm removing sites from search, sometimes in our estimation, for no reason. I rode thru that one with no problems, so did all my students. But only one of my clients, that went to far with the dark side got bit bad, by that Penguin. And he lost everything too.

I am sure you can tell where I am going here, right? Social annotations as we call them, links on social sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and especially Google +1's, create outgoing links Google can follow to your site. The more you have, from real people, that Google can see, and the more your site gets, the more Google believes real people, like me and you, found the content valuable.

Most sites banned by Penguin lacked one thing above all: Social sharing! And I am not even talking strong social sharing, but social sharing at all. A complete lack of Facebook Likes, Tweets, and especially Google +1s.

More true than ever now, you had better learn how to build a Google+ following on... Your personal profile, your business brand pages and local business listings. Then learn how to drive engagment, traffic that leaves Google+, then delivers on your online destinations, blogs and websites.

Google Is Out To End SEO Forever
With Search Results Customized To You
Built On Your Google+ Relationships

More and more we are seeing Google rank sites by things that can only occur when a real person takes an action. Because these real people share, +1 and comment, the content is seen as valuable, useful, entertaining or just plain well written.

As I said Google is has been using this social algo since 2007, when I first found that social bookmarking posts had great affect on Google Results. Incoming links mean little in my experience, or at least a lot less.

Today, in 2013 it is all about sharing, who shares it, why they shared it, and the traction it gets across the web, no matter the social platform. These are indicators of quality Google's computers can see, as an action that can't be faked by blackhat software.

Google is using the same kind of things to rank sites in local search, Blogs ranked by the number of Google+ readers who take social actions recommending them. There is a boat load more that we just don't have time to explain here.

Here is an exact piece of the Google social ranking system now at work on YouTube.

Let's say you rent a video from the local store and you head home to enjoy it. Bad news, it sucks and probably like me, you fall asleep in the middle of it. Well, Google looks at online video the same way. If you don't watch the whole movie, then you lost interest in it at some point. Not the best indicator of a video's quality-- Right?

Well let's say you are watching an awesome YouTube video, you laughed, you cried, you Tweeted it. Then you would probably watch it again. Then email the link to your buds, share it on Facebook or Tweet it. Am I right here? Well Google thinks the same way. If it is good you watch it more than once. Then you tell your Google+ friends about it.

Well that is how Google is ranking your Blog posts, your Google Local results, your sites, your videos and even Google+ posts themselves. Right in Google search, you are seeing content ranked by using things that can't be done by machines. Things that must be done by real people when they like the piece of content.

Here's the ringer. It's not like Google search has been displaying results to you up till now. So while yes, social annotations as we call them, not only on G+, but on Facebook and Twitter, get you to rank higher in Google Search. However, it is not a simple voting system.

A social voting system would just be based on gross votes, or in Google's case: Likes, Tweets, Retweets, G+ shares and reshares. Instead Google looks at WHO voted, judged by Google's AuthorRank algorithm, so a vote is not simply a vote.

Taking social voting one massive leap further, Google HIGHLY customizes the results you see today, by numerous other algorithms I am calling PlusRank. Then serves you unique results based on your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followings.

Logged out of Google or logged in makes no difference. Google has a pretty good handle on who you are even on a browser that has never been logged into Google. Your IP address betrays you for one thing.

So, I will reveal just one piece or Google's Social Algorithm If you and I both write a blog post, targeting the same keywords, and I have more AuthorRank because of my high number of Google+ followers, I would bet I will out rank you easily. Especially if the person searching our term on Google is somehow associated with me, or with people who follow me.

With just that piece of my insider information you can see, that having a highly active, large number of Google+ followers in addition to Facebook and Twitter is going to be key to being seen in search and especially local search for brick and mortar business pages.

I want to assure you as with all my secrets, this in no spamfest I am talking about here. Everything is whitehat and Google loves what I do and Google will love you too. Your competition? Maybe not so much...

BEWARE: Google+ Done Wrong
Leaks Your Best Leads To Your Competition
Like A Wide Open Firehose!

Many Google+ consultants will tell you how to use the Google+ tools like Google+ Events and Google+ Communities-- And they are right, these are awesome tools there.

But here's the thing, your best leads that will attend Events, either live or via Google+ Hangouts On Air, are the most kick butt, loyal listeners you have, short of email list subscribers.

So when you create an event and your followers on Google+, even Facebook and Twitter when you cross post there, are revealed to your competitor. If he or she has any marketing savvy at all, they will mass follow them, adding them to a their Circles on G+ with a click.

Then, if I were this competitor or yours, I would spend all my time turning your hard won loyalists into my converts. Same thing for Google+ Communities!

Don't make these mistakes I have seen made with just these two tools, and there are more like this, by the way. G+ Knights know how to shut down the lead fire-hoses and keep the drawbridge up when the Trolls, Goblins and Black Knights come near...

"Why didn't I figure that out already myself?"-- You say slapping yourself on the forehead--(ouch)--

  That is why you need my advice now: So...  

Ask Yourself this:

Do You Want To Be A Google Peasant or...
A Knight Atop A War Horse
Cutting Your Competition Down To Size?

Because the Google+ Toolbox is more like a warchest, when you know how to go to war with the tools inside. Your competition will never know what hit them: Because they have no idea how to effectively use them!

Unlock The Truth About Google Plus

Take A Look At What You Get
Becoming A Google+ "Truth" Knight,
Your Business Shining, Charming, Attracting,
Nailing the Hottest Leads Around

The Truth About Google + Training was engineered from the ground up over 6 years, spanning 700 + pages and counting. "G+ Knights: The Truth About Google+" helps you quickly and easily begin generating your own massively profitable list AND achieve top search rankings FAST with Google's new social network.

Whether you have had any experience or not building your own list or generating floods of targeted traffic before -- this step by step course reveals EXACTLY what you need to know to begin creating a list or adoring fans that will buy whatever you recommend...

And even more -- you'll find yourself able to easily achieve top rankings, grabbing floods of highly targeted (and free) traffic!

Here's what you get the very first day:

  • You get 15 chapters of step by step information that took 6 years to compile and research
  • You get 700 pages written by me, Chris Lang, the one and only Google Authority
  • I could sell just the Google Business Page chapter alone as a separate product for $500 or more....
  • And that is just one section, there are 9 more
  • But that's not all....

You see, I want to make sure you are blown away your first month...

Unbelievable: You Get Updates For Life (no BS)

Plain and simple, I want you to succeed online. Succeed especially with Google+. So I am calling out the fly by night products that promise you the world and are worthless in 3 months, maybe less...

In the 2 years since I brought this members only site: "G+ Knights; The Truth About Google+," Google has completely changed both the user interface, the layout and way more three times. But I continually update the G+ Knights chapters and you will never have to pay for some lame upgrade or some new product renamed, just to keep up with the ever changing Google, that we now call Google+.

Second, I am not here to make money, I am here to create loyal clients that succeed. That's you!

Third, there is a lot of misinformation out there by self proclaimed no it alls. They usually call themselves some kind of Experts or some crap like that. I have been teaching my students how to use Google the right way for six years now. That is why top marketers say the things they do about me. And I want you to get the same info they did. Not marketing incest as we call second hand information, taken from articles floating around online.

Bottom line, we are in for the long haul together, my soon to be Google+ Knight.

The Truth About Google Plus
Reveals Everything You Need To Know
In Easy To Follow Step By Step Format

In fact, here's just a small sample of
What You're About To GET:

Introducing the Google Social Algorithm: How Google uses things we do, actions taken by real people, to find indicators of quality in our videos, blogs and social profiles.

Get going now and discover the SEO of the next decade now or you will be playing catchup because your competition got a head start from me. Think if you had known 6 months before Google told us in 1998 that incoming links were the new SEO tool. What would you have done then?

Google Social Search: How to get in it now and how to get seen by thousands today in the NEW Google search rankings.

How Google really ranks YouTube videos. I don't care what you have heard about YouTube lately, you have never heard this because I intended it after discovering what Google really wants from you.

Google Plus, how to build a huge G+ following that shares your posts on Google and creates back links to your sites at the same time.

Get the new tools from Google that allows you to mail your newsletter from Google servers to your members and Get it to the Inbox every-time.

SEO secret from Hell: I am going to reveal my Google rankings secret that only 4 people in the entire world know, besides me. Because I discovered it!

Discover the insider secrets to quickly and easily building your own enormous and highly targeted list in any niche you choose thanks to the enormous power of Google+.

Find out why 2+2 = 5 and how this equation puts you at the helm of EVERYTHING!

Uncover the methods to using Google Plus to absolutely DOMINATE any market you want -- this tool is so powerful you'll be astounded by what it will do for YOU!

See how Google Plus will become FAR more valuable than any other social site -- in fact this makes FaceBook and Twitter almost worthless by comparison!

Find out why just 1 single Google Plus friend is worth 1000 Facebook friends (or tweeps) for your business!

Find out the exact tools you need to start building your own highly targeted and extremely responsive list to begin generating cash sales -- FAST!

Discover how you can literally DOMINATE your market and achieve rankings that would make long standing authority sites jealous of you!

See the Google tool that is CRUCIAL to the success of any of your blogs -- and see why this means you won't have to waste time with LinkedIn or blackhat BS ever again!

Find out how even Gmail will be an integral part of your rankings in the future and why you need to set your account up a certain way to make this work.

Discover the cutting edge options in Gmail coming in from Google's experimental division called Google labs that make mobile marketing a reality for anyone.

Learn about Google's new social algorithm and how this will change the online search game forever -- this information puts you so far ahead of anyone else that they'll never be able to touch you.

See why RSS is dead, but Google+ is the New Google Reader, as G+ helps you to achieve rankings and how these Google tools will supply you more RSS readers than you know what to do with!

Discover how to "scoop" up new contacts from your competition -- I mean stealthily grab their top friends and contacts anytime you want!

Check out a case study on how these tools got my clients 143 REAL links on a brand new site in 24 hours!

Discover step by step how to force your competition to pay for their advertising because you'll own the search rankings - and you can do this VERY quickly with these unknown methods and tools!

And SO Much More -

This step by step training and illustrations
hand you EVERYTHING you need to know to dominate Google,
achieve top rankings at will,
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Then you can return every Friday for another 15 minutes, it's LIVE ACTION! We will document the problem I am solving for you and be able to review and follow up on your on going consulting right in Google Plus. My consulting is $200 and hour. You get this as part of your Truth About Google+ membership for no extra charge. $2600 value in just the first year as a member of our G+ community.

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If you're ready to plunder and pillage Google for subscribers, rankings, traffic and sales -- then the brand new Google Plus course is exactly what you need to get started today!

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Just Who Is Chris Lang
and Why Do They Call Me
"The Nostradamus of Google"

People like Mari Smith, Jack Humphrey and Howie Schwartz have called me the Nostradamus of Google... I've been referred to as "Google's Mad Scientist" and the #1 authority on Google, Social Search , Google Plus and Google's secret social network.

Meet Google's Nostradamus

Picture of Jack Humphrey Meet Google's Nostradamus – The SEO Oracle: Chris Lang. I’m listening to this guy. You should too!

On this page you won’t see a fancy suit, a Beamer, or any tell tale signs of a slick marketing guru. Chris is a straight up geek.

The gurus are months behind ripping him off and selling his ideas as their own.

This is a good thing for you. The geeks are the ones to follow. When a guy like Chris is the only one talking about something, you know the ideas and tactics are cutting edge.

"Google social experts" will simply sprout up out of nowhere like alley cats on trash night behind the restaurant. But, you'll be inside the restaurant enjoying your meal of traffic, rankings, and popularity. They'll be getting the leftovers.

- Jack Humphrey

Now I don't know about all that, but I passionately analyze Google for social trends and coming applications and Chris Lang, (that's me) has been a recognized authority on Google for years.

Second to none!

Picture of Mari Smith "Chris' understanding of Google and Google Plus is second to none! We recently featured Chris on one of our webinars all about Google Plus and Chris totally blew everyone away with his infectious enthusiasm and insider-knowledge.

I've also had the pleasure to see Chris speak at a seminar and have watched him over the past three years skyrocket his own success by going an inch wide and mile deep in his niche.

Chris not only understands all the technicalities of how to use the Google tools, but how to use them to build solid relationships with key influencer and how to build an insanely huge list. Now that's take-it-to-the-bank smarts!!

Google Plus is indeed the path to the future and Chris is far ahead of anyone in this arena. My students and I are thrilled to learn from him and stay on top of this amazing new platform."

~Mari Smith
Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

Here's why top marketers call me "The Nostradamus Of Google: "

June 15th, 2008: I predicted all of Google would become a social network and later that summer I published a 10 page article detailing how Google Reader was a social bookmarking site. Even, then your friends list was based on your Gmail Contacts.

August, 2009: I created the second known Google Profile (second only to Robert Scoble).

January, 2009: I began talking about Google as an Operating System for the browser. Or -- "The Google Grid" as in the screen shot from my first video on Google's OS July, 2009.

Screenshot of the Googe Grid video

Now Jack Humphrey started calling me, Google's Mad Scientist, and people quietly behind the scenes really began to listen too.

In 2010 I began predicting a new Google Social Network I called "Google π" and now we have Google+. I even put my reputation on the line by saying "Google Reader will even be replaced by the NEW Google π...." back then.

I Preach What I Practice
And I Practice What I Preach
So Here's The Proof...

Screenshot of Chris Lang's personal profile following

Can Over 40,000 Followers Be Wrong?

  Screenshot of Chris Lang's personal following...
Since 2008, I have been telling everyone:
"A Major Google Social Network Is Coming"
But Only The Smartest Believed Me, Until now...

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Chris Lang

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