Google Wave Notifier With Sound Too

Just a quick heads up that the new desktop Gwave Notifier is my new favorite tool. It is a Windows app that runs in your task-bar and even has a happy little sound it plays when you have a new Wave

I was leery of adding a desktop app that has access to my Google account log in. But when I saw this Google Wave Notifier (new tab) on SourceForge I jumped in and tried it out.

SourceForge is a trusted source for open source applications and is a source you can trust for secure software that is not going to contain back-end malicious apps. Lots of good free professional apps over there too.

The Google Wave Notifier runs on the machine, not in the browser like the FireFox plugin. I did not like that one as I work on slow (2mb maybe) free Wifi connections often and it slowed my browser speed way down at the local coffee house.

This Wave Notifier Does it right, here’s how it works

Look for the logo in the task bar after you install it. Small download too, just 1.5MB.

When it runs for the first time, or each time you boot Windows, it will give you a little slide show of your new Waves.

Even plays a notifacation sound when you have a new Wave. You can turn the setting off and on too by right clicking the icon in the task-bar and selecting options.

Next, click it once and the Google Wave Notifier will give you an overlay like this:

Notice the blue text (arrow)? That is because my mouse (not shown) is hovering over the Wave when I took the screenshot. Each one is a link and if you click it, it takes you to a new tab, loads Gwave and opens the particular Wave that you clicked on. Real time saver over looking for the Wave in a Gwave inbox.

Glad to see this new Wave Notifier working well with all the bells and whistles I would have had to have my programmer build in. Job well done guys. Without this I would find Google Wave way less useful and I think you will too.

Google Wave invites

I just got more invites and on the Christmas Bonus post from last month I have plenty of readers that have invites too. Just shout me via my email on my contact Chris Lang page and we will get you on Google Wave as fast as Google allows. Be sure to include your Gmail that you want to use with Gwave. See you there….

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  1. Thanks for the updates Chris. I have been out of the loop since Dec. 16. It seems like ages ago. It is nice to know you are still sharing all the latest on GWAVE.