Google Wave Invites….

OK, I know you are all chomping at the Google Wave bit, here tis…

Yes, Google says Wave invites come out today.

No I don’t have mine yet.

More bad news, Google Wave headquarters is in Australia.

Australia is 17 hours ahead of Phoenix, Arizona. That means we have until tomorrow to wait if that is where the invites are coming from. That is one I can’t even answer.

As I hear it from my sources, the Google Wave team is somewhat disconnected from the Mountain View headquarters down there.

Who gets invites from me?

Finally, I am swamped with Gwave invite requests. I will only have so many. So my first invites go out to my Gwave Surf Club members first.

Then my JV partners and people that have done me so many favors I can’t count them. They are next. It is all up to Google now and they are pushing Gwave this time. No campfire launch like Google Friend Connect. Slow and easy is how this one will go.

If you are already a member of the Gwave SurfClub

Log into the members site and go to the “Profile” link at the top.

Enter your Gmail address that you use for your Google profile.

I will need that address to send you an invite. Like I have said all along, Gmail is you address book for your friends list, now more true than ever when it comes to Google Wave.

So, just sit tight and the invites will come.

2 comments on “Google Wave Invites….

  1. So I understand that people have actually started getting invites now. But I’ve not seen any updates about it on here, through email or through any of my contacts.

    Is all the communication going on only in Google Wave??

    Does anyone know anything or have any more information?


  2. I was very happy to get my Google wave invite today! Now everyone I collaborate with daily has one and we are off to the Waves.