4 comments on “Google Friend Connect Down and Now Google Contacts? Why?

  1. look forward to my invite next week, hooray!

  2. Well, I’m waiting for the result to see what will happen. Chris, hope the mail I sent you contains the info you need? Hoping that people with reading disabilities can participate in the gwave-game I send you
    My best regards and thanks!

  3. Dian Joubert on said:

    Awsome. I’ve realised that they’re conncting everything left right and centre. One question. Is it a good idea to link your twitter and facebook with youtube?

  4. @Dian,

    In these days of everything you do aggregated everywhere I DO like the idea of hooking everything up.

    However do you want everything you do be added to Twitter and Facebook?

    I just watched an episode of Wings because the questions guy reminds me of one of my subscribers.

    Do I want the world to know I think Gilbert Godfrey is a cool guy. Maybe not so much….

    I watch some pretty odd stuff on YouTube but I don’t want to Tweet it or post it to Facebook.

    Make sense…?