Google TV Marketing Report

Here’s my Google TV report for marketers after 3 Weeks with Google TV in my living room from the first public user of GTV.

Three weeks ago I rushed out to get my hands on Google’s vision of the Internet for your TV. All just so I could write this report for my Gwave Mastery members. But Google TV is so powerful and visionary, I had to share it with you all.

After purchasing the Sony Google TV box, I have to say, Google TV is not only slick, it’s fun, easy to use, the remote is an intuitive joy to navigate and YouTube just became the latest and very powerful TV network, especially for marketers like us.

Here’s the download instructions for my Google TV PDF Report for Marketers

Right click the link: Free Google TV Report for Marketers

Select “Save as” and save this PDF document to your desktop.

Be assured this is no fluff, this took me a week to write and could easily be a $47 report. Take your time, read this throughly, it’s over 50 pages of my experience with Google TV in the last three weeks. I even took 50 pictures right in my living room as I lived with Google TV day in and day out so you could visually understand how this is going to change how we use YouTube, our TVs, Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz from now on.

Enjoy! – Chris

5 comments on “Google TV Marketing Report

  1. Just to kick things off, you can also discuss this on Google Buzz if you prefer to comment there at this link….

  2. I am assuming we can share this with others who are not in Gwave?..i will try and see what happens.

  3. As far as ABC, CBS, NBC and blocking Google TV…

    I have not watched a thing on CBS, NBC or ABC except The Price is Right since Seinfeld in the 90s. They are blocking the browser in a last ditch effort to hang on in a world that has moved on. Hulu is going to work things out soon. can go frak (bsg reference) themselves.

    They can’t block TiVo that has taken away their ad reveue, Google is coming online with GTV advertising and others so they will take it out on the GTV browser, fine, their loss. Bottom line they are scared of Google, REAL SCARED.

    As far as the Google Android Apps site, wait till after the first of the year when Android Apps will also run on Google TV. That is where the power of the Android GTV OS lies, that is where the site is going.

    Being able to search my 400 live cable channels and by pass scanning thru the 700 channels in my cable guide is what I love about Google TV. Plus if what I want is not on I can watch it online because that too is in the search results.

    As far as iPhones VS Androids, it is a better device, but it is tied to iTunes and I will not have that piece of junk on my machine. Especially since I run Linux full time. If it does not run everywhere, I don’t use it and that is where the world is headed.

    If I can’t mount the drive as external and add or remove my own files without DRM then I won’t use it. Hence no iPhones here.

    As far as the G OS it’s simply Linux on steroids, why would I pay a few hundred extra for a machine just for it’s software license when everything I do is thru my browser? As I have said before if I can run a 6 figure online business thru my browser then a browser OS can work for anyone.

    Some people need Mac’s, some peeps need Windows, some peeps need terabyte drives, but the average Internet user just needs a browser and that’s 99% of the public. Step back from the flame and realize web pros and developers are far from the regular Joe on the street and we have a limited view.

    My real world friends are 20 somethings and commercial construction guys.

    Ask any normal 20 something kid, they use nothing but the browser, Facebook, web mail, they do not pay for software, and neither does anyone else except pros like you and me that need it to make a living.

    30 million people use Google Apps to run their biz, 10 million of them are in school. In the next 10 years software will be dead, the browser is all we will need and a browser in the living room is very forward thinking….

  4. Tracy Crawford on said:

    Win. I just found this in reader because we connected through Google Friend connect.

  5. I have the Logitech Revue with Google TV and I love it! I can never go back to regular TV after having this for a week. I love the how I can switch to Facebook when commercials come on. I recommend this to everyone!