Social Bookmarking + Digg + Google Reader = Two Birds – One Stone

A Google Social friend said he did not have time for social bookmarking but now he does, here’s how

I was chatting with Benyamin in Gmail chat, one of me new social friends made thru FriendConnect.

He was saying that he just did not have time to deal with social bookmarking participation, keep up with the real world news and his R & D career.

Easy solution, combine them

So here is how I keep up and cut the time I spend in half.

First of all, I consume most of my news with my morning coffee in Google Reader.

Secondly, all social bookmarking profiles offer an RSS feed for the user’s submissions.

Add your news channels RSS feeds, your social bookmarking friends RSS submission feeds and just about anything else you can to Google Reader.

Now you can bookmark anything that you want to your Google Reader shared items page, vote for your friends posts on what ever social site they use and get all your news in one place over your morning coffee.

You just cut at least half the time you would have spent doing all these things in half and probably enjoyed it about 10 times more.

One comment on “Social Bookmarking + Digg + Google Reader = Two Birds – One Stone

  1. I like to visit Digg though to see what is new. I like the start page because I can find what other people are Digging fast, and see if I can gather ideas for blog posts or just find new people to meet.
    Incorporating feeds with Google Reader is a brilliant idea though.
    If you want to follow me…RocquesDiggs. I rarely add new posts but I often comment and Digg what is available.