Google+ Author Thumbnails On YouTube Results SERPS

Yesterday for the first time I saw author thumbnails showing in Google search results on YouTube videos

My friend Steven Vargas showed up in Google results with his author thumbnail showing yesterday.

(click for full size)

It is important to note that this is not Google social search but what passes for Google organic search. More correctly we now use “universal search” as Google called it when they began integrating images, news, YouTube and at times other video platforms years ago.

8 comments on “Google+ Author Thumbnails On YouTube Results SERPS

  1. This is definitely interesting.. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hi Chris

    Ok I clicked all the nice little buttons LOl

  3. Did the G+ earlier; added the other two just now.

  4. So is there anything that needs to be done to make this happen? I already have my YT and G+ profiles linked..

  5. Can’t wait to see my author thumbnail show up on Youtube!

  6. You never know where you will find a Steven Vargas. I think I want his rookie card. I also want yours Chris Lang! Google search results are more interesting now when your friends show up in the pages.

  7. Very interesting indeed… as the name of this web site (Google Plus for *Business*) implies Chris, when do you think we will see these Author pics showing up for the Google+ ‘Business Pages’? As it appears that these are mainly showing for the ‘Personal Profile’ pics of people right now.

  8. As of yet Ronnie we are only seeing Author thumbnails returned in what goes for Organic search these days.

    But we are for the first time seeing Publisher / Biz Page profiles showing in social search.