The Internship – Google As The Anti “The Social Network” Movie

Danny Sullivan, the most well know SEO guy there is, had tons of great things to say about “The Internship,” the new Google Movie, due out June 7th.

For those not up on the plot, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, play two out-of-work sales reps who manage to land, against all odds, internships at Google.

Here’s some take aways:

Vince Vaughn’s and Owen Wilson’s initial interview is even via Google Hangout.

Danny Sullivan said:

The Internship is like an anti-The Social Network, a film that paints Google in almost the best light possible.

Google products, often with descriptions that subtly, oh so subtly, sell them.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are both shown as having Google+ accounts.

What Does This Mean For Google+ Marketers Like You?

You can guess that I am predicting a rush of new Google Plus users in June, and continuing all summer long. Especially to use Google Hangouts.

So it’s time now, to get your Google+ account in order.

  • Get your Google profile image and cover up to date and professional.
  • That goes for business pages too; Pay for an original, professional cover now.
  • Be sure the content you are posting is relevant to who you want to follow you.
  • Dump the personal stuff for the next few weeks, and focus on what potential followers in your lead funnel niche want, need.
  • Post every day on personal profiles and business pages from now until the end of June. Your pages and profile have to be active.
  • It only takes 5 minutes a day to share a great post on Google Plus, and no one wants to follow a page or profile that has not posted in weeks.
  • Pay particular attention to your “About page” and craft outgoing links there that lead to landing pages, that take in leads and are focused on conversion.

I am convinced, Google+ will grow faster and be more lively in June and July, than any time in the next year. Take advantage of Google+ Marketing now, or wish you had later.

screenshot from The Internship - Google movie...

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