Google+ Spammers Headed For Google Plus Slapdown

After a Google Plus thread by tech writer Mike Elgan, saying that Google+ spammers using fake profile and robots are rising, here’s my feedback on how Google handles spammers, and will soon

It is simple, Don’t even worry about G+ spammers, Here’s why….

Google has a history of allowing something to go on for a long time, then make a sweeping mega ban of all sites OR social profiles with a like footprint.

Those of us in SEO usually expect this to begin the end of October, and we call it the yearly Google Slapdown.

These have been occurring every pre-Chrismas season since 2003. That first year it was for buying links. That year I profited highly because no one saw this coming, it was the first one and everyone back then thought it was SEO business as usual.

This is not a major algo change like Panda that you all may have heard about. The Google slap down in October and or early November is usually for a single type of SEO spam.

Google Slapdown

In 2009 it was for using social bookmarking robots. If you have followed me for long, you know I predicted the Google social bookmarking slapdown for most of the year in 2008.

This year I believe it will be directly related to G+ fake names and fake profiles and have a lot to do with coming G+ business profiles. Watch for an article from Jack Humphrey and I detailing what we expect to come soon.

So don’t get all up in arms about G+ robots, Google will take care of it soon just as they always have. I deal with it by not following back anyone on a Google+ notification first alert. I follow people back by the strength of their comments. as I hope you all do when you see Chris Lang’s….

2 comments on “Google+ Spammers Headed For Google Plus Slapdown

  1. It’s nice to be in the know about this things…

  2. Something I’ve always said since I’ve started online way back…

    Spammers just work WAY too hard for their money.