Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

I will be hosting the first webinar on Google Plus One Search, The New Google Social Search, here’s the details…

Google vs Facebook vs Twitter

The webinar starts at Thrusday, 8 PM EST, but to get the alert you need to join my Google+ newsletter here….

Just what does Google’s new Search Plus One Social Search mean to you?

  • Google results do not include Twitter results since Twitter closed their deal with Google and uses nofollow on their links (Twitter is screaming…)

  • Google social results 90% of the time do not include Facebook results since Facebook closes most of the site to Google’s spiders (Facebook is screaming but not as much as Twitter)

  • It does open a whole new world for SEO, doubling you traffic and building massive followings on Google+ that convert into clients, buyers and email subscribers… (I am loving it :)

  • Put simply, most people are not even seeing these results yet, so join my Google+ marketing webinar alert list here and be sure you get the lowdown on what Google is doing and how it affects you…

Click the video below for a 60 second preview of the new Google

We will be starting promptly at 8 PM tomorrow and moving very fast so have a paper and pen ready. Of course there will be a replay, but to get that link you will need to join my newsletter list.

It’s free to join, and you can leave at any time… See ya on the show, and of course we will be taking your questions as well to be sure you get what you need for you Google+ marketing. – Chris Lang

12 comments on “Google Search Plus One Your World Webinar

  1. Google + Plus and Google plus one your world are all I hear about today. I’ve turned off personalized search myself: I don’t need to be reminded of my habits; I want to see what the rest of the world has to offer, without reference to what I may have been interested in in the past. I may no longer like what I liked yesterday.

  2. @Vergard – We went thru this with you and mobile phones, you are always trying to go back to the way things were.

    You can’t do that, just because you want to do things the old way does not mean anyone else or your clients want to either.

    Almost no average user changes from the defaults to a custom version in any software. So by tuning off social search you now have no idea what your leads and prospects are seeing.

  3. Since I’m getting ready to launch a new online business based on data from old fashioned keyword research and SEO, I’m all ears when it comes to NEW ways of getting Google’s attention! Seems that things are changing dramatically as a result of Google Plus and now social search. Thanks Chris for helping us stay on top of the game so that our prospective members who will benefit from what we have to offer can find us ! I’ll be listening and sharing!

  4. It just seems that things are changing faster and faster now with the social networking world. 3 million users on Facebook is amazing. Will Google Plus ever catch up?
    Where should someone spend their social time or advertising dollars on the net?
    I am going to attend this, Chris. Since I am already on your mailing list do I need to sign up again?

  5. It seems that after working a 17 hour day yesterday I am not awake. I posted about FB having 3 million users…I think I was off by quite a lot of millions. I am reading now that it is anywhere from 500 to 800 million. I agree with Debbie about needing to know where to be so that people do find my blogs and animated videos.

  6. awesome, I definitely want to see this. I do have a funeral to go to so I may be watching the replay.

  7. Hi Chris

    I have as you know been using most of your tactics for many years now and always appreciate any information which you care to share with us. I am lucky enough to have seen a preview of your latest product and know that it is packed full of extremely useful information, much of which is new and some revelations which even I had “missed” because the changes at Google have been happeneing so fast recently that it would take a formula race car to keep track of them all !!

    I would Highly recommend anyone to follow Chris Lang, and to join in this seminar if they want to know whats happening in relation to google.

    And, Yes I will be there because I know that Chris usually has a little surprise piece of info he keeps till the last Minute.

    Geoff Lord

  8. So glad you are doing this.It all changes so fast is true and I am lacking hours in the day to follow and to understand it all. I may be at a ringette game at this time so will be glad to hear the replay.Really interested to hear how it will impact brick and mortar businesses

  9. If anyone tries to contact me during this seminar, pfftt… good luck. Hopefully nothing serious happens during that time, because this is the biggest change Google has made in years and Chris always has the goods, and I’m not going to be distracted by anything (got an extra pen in case the first one runs out of ink).

    If you’ve stumbled upon here for some reason or other, you might not realize how lucky you are in regards to solid, actionable knowledge for the new way Google does search.

    Do yourself a favor and sign up for the news letter. The competitive side of me doesn’t want you to, but the generous side does. Generosity wins.

    Don’t leave anything out, K, Chris? :+)

  10. I’m back after watching the webinar. I got three points.

    What I see is irrelevant, and it doesn’t matter if I have personal turned on or off: if I really want to see the “neutral” result, I have to use an Internet cafe or similar unrelated computer.

    Second, most people will never see the neutral state, and you must either relate to them in some way or you must make a lot of noise on the Internet (or both) in order to move up in their results for a search term.

    Third, anything you do to make some “noise” on the Internet will push you up in the results as long as you have referenced the search term in some form. This noise may be totally unrelated to your profile: it is the very amount of noise that matters (as long as you have touched upon the search term at some point).

  11. John Gallagher on said:

    Hey Chris. Is there a replay of the webinar somewhere? How would I get access to the product? Thanks. I am behind in my google plus

  12. I too would love to see a replay of the webinar. My big question that I cant seem to find an answer to is:

    With Facebook when you get “likes” your business page the total shows up on your FB page. When you get plus ones on your pages they don’t show up on your actual Google Plus Business page – is this correct. So this is why the code on the my site doesn’t even contain my Google+ id. If I want to add people to my circles I need one button that goes to my profile and if I want to add Google Pluses I need another button. Am I missing something?