Google Plus Marketing Tips – Google Alerts +1

Here’s an easy way to break the ice with influencers on Google+ or any social network, using Google alerts

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We all know that getting influencers to take the time to get to know you is key, right? In fact my first social marketing book, Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics was about just that back in 2008.

We all know how to use Google alerts to monitor our personal reputation, Domains, product names and get boat loads of info on any keyword term right? It’s easy, just put your name, domain URLs, and product names in at the link above. Plus, Google will send you an email each day with links that match up. Done for you rep management :]

The only difference between you and the big boys and girls (sometimes called gurus) is that they simply have not gotten to know you yet. So, by commenting with care, +1 ing posts without overdoing it, you can begin that process. Then sharing their posts when they fit your Google Plus marketing niche, your name will come up again and again in their Notifications red bubble on the black bar Google bar.

The key here is not to be a jackass and be so blatant about this that it turns the person you are trying to make a friend into an enemy. Bottom line: Don’t be too evil…

So, identify 3 top marketers in your niche, that you want to get to know. That you want to do JVs with, that you not just want to use for your own selfish reasons, but that you actually respect, and want to be part of your list of go to Google+ experts (there’s mine).

Enter their names in Google Alerts and Google will return their latest posts and comments each day, in a single email. If you are getting too much back and want to zero in on Facebook, or Twitter or just Google+ like me? Then add the term Google+ and that will lean it out.

In fact if you put Chris Lang in a Google alert, you would get most of my comments and posts. Just one of the ways to follow a power user to create relationships with influencers direct from my new book, “Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day” due out this summer :]

3 comments on “Google Plus Marketing Tips – Google Alerts +1

  1. Don’t be too Wickedly Evil…


    Yes, the opportunity to connect with people who are where you want to be, in the professional, or even simply a social realm, is easier than it ever has been. Especially on Google Plus. Whether you are a marketer or not. If Marketing is your thing, it’s well worth your time to introduce yourself online to the people who have the success you aspire to have.

  2. Just how wickedly evil can we be?

  3. You know I feel the same way you do about Google+ and your ideas, suggestions etc are really great!
    I love seeing all the newbies coming on board.. and having the world’s largest search engine in the same corral can’t hurt!!
    Businesses need to jump on the bandwagon..pronto!