Google+ Marketing: Who Is The Expert?

Since there is such a huge multivariate of experts on Google+, can I make a suggestion? Pick One. Yeah One. Just one Google+ expert, just one Google+ Authority. Here’s Why!

All the time I see pleas from new peeps on Google+, asking who to follow for G+ business marketing advice. We usually have no idea what kind of business he or she has, what goals the person has, or what they want to achieve on Google+ marketing their business.

The poor person usually gets back No less than 30 people to follow on Google+. They all usually say the same thing, mostly sharing Google Blogs and most advice on Google Plus comes down to “Click here” and “Go there…” Nothing wrong with that either, but there are other things you should be doing in your Google+ Marketing plan too.

In IM (internet marketing) we call this Guru Hopping or Niche Hopping: Go follow every one, try everything, fail at everything. Then go cry. In fact it was Chris Brogan that ispired this article with his We Are No Experts blog post today.

Here’s a little different plan than most Google+ click experts will tell you to use and one that will return way more than ANY number of followers on Google+, Facebook or Twitter ever could

Can I ask you something? Do you have the #1 expert in any subject, that you can ask for the decisive answer, on any question that you have?

No you probably don’t. Because you spend most of your time worrying about how many friends you have on Twitter, Facebook and G+ rather than who and how many you have been a friend to….

So here is a list of in my eyes, The most accessible and top experts in their particular niches. These are the people you want to get to know. Because when you need help, and you have used social sharing, commenting and voting to let these people get to know you, they will help you.

Here’s the most accessabile top expert niche authority peeps on Google+

+Mari Smith – Relationship Marketing
+Jack Humphrey – Content Curation
+Michel Fortin Sales Copy for IM
+Barry Schwartz SEO
+Denis Labelle Breaking Google+ News
+Martin Maybruck Mobile Websites
+Travis Campbell Affiliate Marketing
+Trey Ratcliff Photography
+Lynette Young Google+ Community
+Robert Scoble Startups
+Darren Rowse Mega Blog Traffic
+François Beaufort Chrome / Chromebook Guru

Also, anyone just getting their feet wet on G+ should get Jesse Stay’s Google+ For Dummies, day one required reading.

Also Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything is due to ship from Amazon on January 1st, again, required reading.

Bottom line, when it comes to Google+ Marketing, help your followers, that is your job, true leaders help, not just lead. Get to know the Google+ influencers, that will return more value for your time than any amount of followers, sales or traffic.

Got someone you would like to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below and Happy Holidays every one…

4 comments on “Google+ Marketing: Who Is The Expert?

  1. No one to add right now, but I believe you’ve been anointed with the “approachable authority” for a while now…

  2. Great information and advice from you there Chris. In my eyes your name is top of the list because i know you are there, and you will always respond to any question we may ask, and if you dont know the answer you will always know someone who does.

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate it very much.

    Geoff Lord

  3. I too have your name there as I know you walk the talk and are a Google sleuth for years now.

  4. Thanks Chris. I’m really glad I found this post. It’s full of sage advice for the social media novice or anyone that has not achieved the results they have been looking for. Google alerts here I come.