Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day

You might notice, if you have followed me, Chris Lang, for long at all, that I am rarely short on words. Especially when it comes to Google+… But for some reason I just can’t find a way to say this….. So here goes….

Chris Lang

Margie and I are very proud to announce that I am to be the author of “The Truth About Google+ Marketing” coming this summer.

Howie Schwartz once told me that it takes 2 to 3 years to become the authority in your niche. I did not believe him, 2 to 3 years? Really? Well it has been a long journey, and let me tell you, a humbling one.

So rather than beating my chest, shouting it from the roof tops, or doing the Snoopy happy dance, I want to take the time to thank those that have helped me navigate the long and winding road where we are today.

Thanksgiving seems to have come early here, so let me give thanks to….

No one deserves more credit than Margie, who has seen me thru the last almost 3 years, with love, never ending support and unwavering belief that I was good enough.

Paul Myers, who taught me to tell a story with my writing, back when my posts sounded, as Paul put it “Like the instructions on the side of a box…” in 2008.

Jack Humphrey who was my first mentor, that taught me to stop wasting my time with those that don’t believe you and to spend your time with the ones that do. Great advice Jack, one of the best things I will ever learn.

Howie Schwartz who taught me more in the last two years about how real busineses work and has taken my view and understanding of the online business world to the next level.

And finally Mari Smith, who when she first met me, witnessed one of the all time disasters ever to befall anyone the first time I spoke in front of a live audience in December, 2008. I never expected anyone at that first show to ever speak to me again.

Without Mari’s advice every step of the way as I closed in on the end of my 3 year journey to become an, in print, published author, I would have been lost. Mari will also be writing the Foreword to my first book, how cool is that?

I also want to thank the team at Wiley / Sybex and my Google+ MasterMind group that has helped me to better understand the Google+ landscape in ways that I never could with out your help, (you know who you are)….

Margie, Jack, Howie, Paul, Mari…. You have helped me change my life for the best, I hope my book, Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day, will help others do what you have helped me to do, in so many ways that I can’t begin to count.

Cheers! – Chris Lang

19 comments on “Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day

  1. Rob Salzberg on said:

    Congratulations Chris. Can’t wait for the book. Thank you for all you do!

  2. For people with such a relentless spirit as you have, Chris, this was bound to happen.

    With all those people you mentioned that helped you, they must have known you were a good person or else they would not have spent their valuable time with you.

    Kudos! Congratulations! And when the heck can we buy this book??!!

  3. Chris, you are a gem. What a great post. I have followed you for years and I totally “get” the journey. Congrats for sticking with it… YOU deserve all the success coming your way. You’ve worked hard for it and as always… provided invaluable content which supports your efforts. Rock on, my friend. You are an inspiration to us all =)

  4. Whitney Pannell on said:

    Chris, it’s funny how things come full circle. You have taught be so much about the Internet.I wish you great success with your book! Thanks!

  5. Congrats Chris! Can’t wait to get my hands on some chapters. :)

  6. Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on your upcoming book “Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day”

    Looking forward to the release next summer.

    Your book will surely help others do what your mentors have helped you to do.

    Thanks for being persistent and consistent in your actions.
    Many others will now benefit from your success.

    Take care,

  7. Joel S Roberts on said:

    Congratulations, Chris! I will be waiting impatiently for your book – I am learning more about Google+ every day, and I expect that You will be able to help immensely! :-)

  8. Thanks for all the good words everybody, all I can say is what a long strange Wave it has been…. :]

  9. Hey Chris — congrats on the book … I want some chapters too :)

  10. Chris,

    I’ve been following you since those early years and it’s been a joy and inspiration to watch your journey unfold.

    Thank you for always passing along what you’ve learned. I love this post – it’s from the heart and demonstrates your character and integrity. Congratulations on the book – can’t wait to read it.

  11. Good things come to those that put in the work over a long period of time – keep grinding!

  12. Congratulations Chris! Awesome news. 2-3 years sounds right, not what we want to hear, but still sounds like what it takes to become an “overnight success”


  13. HI Chris

    Congratulations my Friend, Yes I feel honoured to be able to call you a friend. You have been an inspiration and motivator for me for many years and you have always been there with useful gems when things seemed to be going wrong. Your help has been invaluable and I wish you all the best with your New Book. I look forward to reading it.

    Geoff Lord

  14. Good on ya mate! I always marvel at those who persist … even when they are told they are crazy, it will never happen, etc.

    I remember the day I saw that video of you in your garage speaking with conviction and honesty. That was the day I joined your group and have been with you ever since. It has been quite a journey!

    You’ve worked hard for this and you deserve it!

  15. Hank Miner on said:

    Congratulations Chris!
    It’s been a long hard 10+ years and you have achived one of your quest. Look forward to getting your autograph in my copy of your book. Might even buy you a beer!

  16. Jim Fierce on said:

    Bummed that I have to wait for summer to get my hands on the book :)

  17. I know I could learn quite a bit of you Chris, I appreciate your friendship.

  18. Congrats Chris!

    Can’t wait to read your new book on Google+ Marketing: An Hour A Day!

    Rock on :)


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