Best People To Follow On Google Plus

Here’s my list of the top people to follow on Google Plus, a work in progress, so feel free to suggest a catagory or person to follow on Google+ in the comments below

  • All profiles have Google Verified Names badges or I know them personally
  • Need a G+ invite, just ask in the comments below
  • Hang out with me, here…..
  • On Sept. 5th, Google+ added their own recommended users page

Internet Marketers

  Social Marketers


  Mobile Marketing



Literary / Authors




CEO’s / Founders

  Tech Authorities




  Independent Filmmakers

Apple Fanboys / Devs

  Android Fanboys / Devs

Danielle Hurley

  YouTube Personalities



28 comments on “Best People To Follow On Google Plus

  1. Fake Profile Deleted….

    Lady Gaga to Musicians

    With the advent of Google Verified Profiles the next three are real, and I added them!

    Britney Spears

    Taylor Swift

    and Trent Reznor

  2. Chris, I recommend adding a new category – Literary Peeps. I recommend Jim Hanas, a short story writer and literary editor. He writes an interesting and thought-provoking column for Google+ so I’d add him.

    As for me, I’m still tinkering. I share IM information as well as literary with a healthy dose of other ephemera. Politics, etc. I think my best stuff falls into the literary department, but I’ll let you decide. :-)

  3. Stephanie Calahan is a great productivity guru, she’s on G+ already. add her please!

  4. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. on said:

    May be Bloggers and Online authors can be a category. If you cannot classify an author into other categories, this category can be used.

  5. Chris,

    So far you have a pretty good list started but I will come up with some more. In the meantime I say add Abi. Just one heck of a nice guy.

  6. Jarrod on said:

    I’d add ed dale, (im and maybe apple fanboy! ) and John C Dvorak (tech)

  7. Tarrget on said:

    I need an invite please! Thanks!

  8. Tracy Crawford on said:

    I think there are a lot of Googler’s that you’re missing, but it’s hard to put together a list. Some will post about their jobs others won’t.

    Matt Cutts, Rick Klau, Jeff Huber, Travis Wise, Brian Rose, James Crawford, Kamal Singh, Robin Norvell, DeWitt Clinton, Punit Soni and Bradley Horowitz are all good people on Google.

    Some of the best people that I know that have a strong interest in education besides myself are Jason Becker, Sharon Cauldwell, and Audrey Waters.

  9. I respectfully, but strongly, disagree with even having a politicians category. Someone else can curate that hoo haa. I’d never follow a politician on G+. They phone it in everywhere else, they’ll phone it in on G+ too.

  10. I agree, I think there are probably a lot more people. Then some of those people, although known for a category, are not really posting about that category on a regular basis either. That’s my problem. I am not ‘well know’ so to speak, and I don’t focus on one category of information. I post news, information, business, marketing info of all types and I do the occasional “sharking” too…

    As I’m slowly learning how to use and how others are using G+, I’m starting to figure out what I want to post about. Segmenting lists works, only problem is, I think nearly everyone public posts, since that is how you get traffic. I wish Google would add another version of Public to how G+ works. As a result of G+ my personal, albeit test blog, has increased in traffic by 215%. I love that aspect.

    I have suggestions of other people, for those that might want to know… Not sure my list will meet the standards of some of the ones above. :-)

  11. I’d be interested in a G+ invite. I’m using the +1 on my website and hope that Google FriendConnect will also be replaced with Google Plus soon.

  12. I need an invite to google +

  13. I need an invite to google+

  14. Now you tell me – Yes, I’m on Google+, find me at:​h – follow me (Day Trading – Videos),

  15. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you could you add a category called parenting? Here is also my link I would love to find more people interested in the same topic! Cheers!

  16. For Video Games, Tech Culture and Amazingness:

  17. I like your list, many of them are in my social media kings & queens list, lol. I have done things a little different too and done countries.

  18. These are definitely some of the best people to follow on google plus. I’m not sure if I care about celebrities here, unless they are known for their intelligence. Or have something of value to share and engage with. There’s always facebook and twitter for that. Good stuff, Chris!

  19. You know, Chris, thinking about Hangouts and video and where that’s going on the Plus, how about a filmmaker circle?

    I happened to stumble across this guy here who is starting an unofficial google plus film festival in Hangouts. Don’t know anything about him, but I like his idea.

  20. I don’t get it, why follow someone who just has a static page up like Mark Zuckerberg?

  21. Thanks for the add, Chris! Finishing up a youtube film right now, actually. I’ll keep you updated and share any new filmmaking plussers I come across.

  22. Not technically a filmmaker, but very important to film, IMO. And a Chicago icon. Where does this guy fit in on our list?

  23. Hi Chris, I’m not sure how good her posts will be but I saw Alanis Morrisette join the other day.

  24. Hi Chris, I would love to have a G+ invite. I’m nobody huge yet, But this would be a great start. Avis Hardy -aka- 1stAutumn.

  25. Chris,

    I would love it if you added a Training list. Count me in.

    Also, if you are looking for additions to you Mobile Marketing list, I would like to be in that list.


  26. As I stated in your post I would get to this. A simple ‘Home’ wouldn’t be enough but Home Remodeling and Improvement maybe too much. IDK I’ll leave that up to you. Here’s a link that would work for it

  27. Great list to follow, thanks!