Google Plus Business Pages Can Comment, +1 & Share Now

You may have heard that G+ pages can now +1 and comment on any post, be it a page or a personal profile post.

But what I really want to do is Share great content from G+ers to my page. Right?

In this short video today I show you all the breaking news AND how you can now share any content into your Google+ page.

Also Google is finally talking Google Analytics for G+ pages. It’s all here in this 8 minute video.

UPDATE: Watching at 4:32 plus ones are still rejected. The warning appears at the top of the page (in red) but is easy to miss. Thanks to Robert Wallis for pointing this out. What matters to me is commenting and above all sharing great content to my pages.

Show notes:

– Analytics for pages coming

– The Next Web Post

And remember, Google Places pages with G+ integrated can now do the same, so you can comment all over the place as your Google+ Places, G+ biz page.

Have fun with this a share some great content to your G+ pages.

Cool huh?

One comment on “Google Plus Business Pages Can Comment, +1 & Share Now

  1. Rebecca Happy on said:

    Really glad you are sharing this now as I. And I am sure many other local and bricks and mortar businesses are glad for the focus.
    What is so hard is that things change so frequently here, the business owner with a store front can barely scratch the surface in their very limited amount of spare time to be able to get anywhere