Open Letter To Jack Humphrey

Here it is, what Google Friend Connect is really about, reprinted from a forum post on Jack Humphrey’s Social Marketing Central

Jack, this is intended for you since it was you that gave me my start in social marketing here on SMC.

I am tired of keeping my mouth shut and watching people who know nothing about Google Friend Connect pretend they do. Real tired of it. Jack you are one of the few that is not pretending to be an authority on GFC.

I generated over 10,000 30,000 views on my Google Friend Connect YouTube channel in less than three weeks. Using nothing but my social skills in bookmarking and Google Friend Connect. TEN THIRTY THOUSAND VIEWS. From Google Friend Connect!!!

I am the only one that knows what to do with it so to heck with Google Friend Connect, here is what I have been holding back. I saw all this on December 15th 2009.

Here is enough for any guru to reverse engineer what I have known for months. Since September when I told you all here that the followers widget was really Google friend connect. Look it up right here, it is dated on SMC.

So Google is not a social network. NOT never will be ain’t going to happen.

It is a BROWSER OS and I have been running it for months now.

UPDATE: Cnet calls Ubuntu 9.04 as slick as Windows 7, Mac OS X.

Google is going to make their 50 properties / apps / sites like YouTube even more popular than they are now by getting us all to use the social features of Google Friend Connect for marketing then one day we wake up and we realize that we don’t need Windows any more.

I boot my machine with W2K and that is it. No embedded software. My five year old machine out screams any Windows piece of junk there is. 1GB of ram and a five year old dual core chip.

I run my entire business with Google sites. It is FREE and it is slick when you learn how I do it.

When Unbuntu comes out in full release Microsoft is done. April 23rd.

Jack, I have made allot of predictions here, I have always been right. This is my last and final one because there is no more after this.

Walmart sells the Google ready Linux desktop this Christmas for $99 and that is the end of the second evil computing empire. Long live the third.

Newspapers will be through by 2010.

You don’t have to go to Facebook anymore. Your BLOG is now YOUR social site.

Every Google property (50 in all) is Google Friend Connect enabled and the new social marketing features on YouTube? THAT IS Google Friend Connect!!! It is there now, you just have to know how to use it.

Jack, I got my start right here on SMC, I am a success now because you helped me get going here. I am the only person besides you to sell a product right here on SMC.

So this is it, I can’t wait and hope no one else gets this before I can dominate the GFC how to info product market.

Google is going to completely take over computing, I use almost nothing but Google utilities.

I boot Gmail as an outboard drive and store my files there. My machine never runs more than 256K of Ram and never taxes the processor. I can open 50 to 300 tabs in Firefox. That is how I can Digg so fast and make so many friends. This has been my secret all this time.

There are less than 15 processes running on my entire machine. I boot 3 start up items. THREE.

So let me ask you Jack:

If Google is going to dominate the OS thru the browser would you not want to be one of the dominating users of the social features in the next OS that is FREE and going to shape computing for the next 50 years?

That is it, it is like a weight off my chest. Everybody can rip it off, steal my ideas and what I have spent the last year figuring out and I will never get rich off this.

Or I have what it takes to hold off pretenders like Simon Ford and sell this product. Googling Social.

I love a good dog fight in the commercial market place. Bring it on, do or die, here I go. Let’s see if I have what it takes.

One last thing Jack, I am in full launch and I have an affiliate program that pays 50%.

Chris Lang

5 comments on “Open Letter To Jack Humphrey

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  2. Right on Chris… Google is definitely becoming a browser OS, I’ve been watching this happen for about a year now. They want to take Microsoft out for good, and chances are that they will!

    I just built (literally, 30 minutes ago) a Linux box for $50 that boots in about a minute and can run my entire business at a lightning fast speed. No software installed, nothing required but Firefox :-)

  3. Russel,

    It would take someone young like you to get this. You can take some junk PC and boot it with Linux and off you go.

    Most of what you spend on a PC these days is Windows licensing and RAM / Chip just to run Windows.

    The core machine is worth about $100 in the end and you pay $499 at Walmart for THAT?

    I just happened to have my trusty copy of W2K in the house so the last time I reformatted I decided to run a browser OS and MAN it is like a different machine.

    I do not pay a cent to run my business. NADA

    I use Google Friend Connect to find my most interested followers and then leverage all I know about social media to drive traffic, positive indicators to Google and above all SELL product.

    Did you see what I did today? I pulled 25,000 YouTube views in less than three weeks.

    I have over 300 new social media followers all over the place From Facebook to Twitter. 100 new Twitter followers this morning alone.

    I take the money I save and spend it on advertising drawing brand new fresh leads into my system.

    One guy, a five year old PC, free Wifi, no affiliates, no assistant, by himself did this in just three weeks.

    And that is what I teach you to do in just 30 days.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s actually pretty obvious what they are up to when you put it like that Chris, and I’m all for it too. Time to do a reformat when Ubuntu 9.04 is released and get used to the future before the crowd gets a chance.

  5. Peter Holmes on said:

    Great Post Chris I follow a lot of your work and think you are very insightful about the future, but why put down Simon Ford for finding a way of actually utilizing all this knowledge and sharing it to create a social marketing platform far surpassing anything we have seen to date. He has brought together a group of people who are both talented and passionate about what they are building. Have you actually read his book or followed his posts or known him for the man that he is? “together we can do so much” maybe you guys should have another chat !!
    Mate I don’t see him putting you down (accept by his results!) and that’s not him it’s his popularity, people listen, people comment … is that an echo in here…!