Jack Humphrey Interviews Top Google Friend Connect Authority

Jack Humphrey and the guy he calls “The number one Google Friend Connect Authority” are answering all your Google Friend Connect questions onĀ  Jack’s FTR Blog Today

I myself am going to swing on by Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report blog and listen to what he claims is an interview with the absolute number one authority on Google Friend Connect.

This guy better have something to say or I may have to chime right in. Come and see what happens when Jack Humphrey teams up with a Google Friend Connect Analyst and takes all your questions on his blog.

One comment on “Jack Humphrey Interviews Top Google Friend Connect Authority

  1. Hi Chris. Your site is well done! I saw that you are using the ‘Share It’ gadget to help you drive more traffic to your site and I simply love how you’ve incorporated it into your blog.

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    –Barry Welch @ FC Gadget Labs