Add Friend Connect to Blogger

Google Friend Connect is easily added to Blogger

It may seem like there is some Friend Connect missing instructions on Blogger or on the Freind Connect site. But there is not, it is easy to connect Blogger to Friend Connect. Google owns them both, that is the thing to keep in mind.

Boy did I feel stupid when it was obvious that adding Google Friend Connect (dubbed GFC) was so easy…

That is it, Friend Connect is already set up ready to go on Blogger, just add the code.

If you have any other questions about the Friend Connect gadgets, please ask me in the comments below.

16 comments on “Add Friend Connect to Blogger

  1. Pretty neat feature!

    Besides being innovative and a “killer” feature, friendconnect would put all the measly sites offering pretty gadgets with networking capabilities out of business…

    Hear facebook banned for a while on privacy concerns as well!

  2. Hello, your video is very useful. thanks~

  3. Thank You so much!
    NOW it’s easy ;)

  4. Why can’t I add friendconnect widget by using the lay-outs section of blogger (I mean, the page elements or gadgets-tab under lay-outs) for this? I don’t like it to mesh up my template, I also found out that, if you change the template, the gadgets are meshed up, and you can’t add these gadgets to your profile. I also added blogger followers already, so i’ll be waiting for followers and friendconnect integrated (merged) in each other, because I don’t want too many headers and bars on my blog, that’s making the blog inaccessible for people with reading disabilities. So, google, merge your products in each other as much as possible, and then i’ll investigate the friendconnect widget.

  5. Did not work for me Chris.
    GFC setup did not find the 2
    html files:
    We were unable to locate required files at the Home URL:
    * Confirm that http://{myblog} is the correct Home URL of your site. If not, go back.
    * Confirm that rpc_relay.html is at your Home URL: http://{myblog}
    Please correct the above issues.
    Could you help me?

  6. @Joao Moraes,

    It does not need to find the files and it won’t find them, you don’t need to take that step, just add the code.

    Better yet skip all that and just add the Followers gadget right from Blogger.

    It is the GFC members gadget just like I predicted it was in September 2009.

    You can see an out-take from that video here on YouTube:

    The Followers gadget has always been GFC, it was always meant to be, Google just did not want us to know we were testing it for them all along.

    BTW you can link to your blog from comments, it is easier to help you when we can see the actual site.

    Hope this helps! Happy St. Patty’s Day All ~ Chris Lang

    P.S. Go put on some frakin Green and go drink beer.

  7. Thanks Chris,
    Yes, it helped. I watched the video.
    Great one! Congrats.
    Now I’m looking for a hack to have
    the GFC comments at Blogger!
    Happy St. Patty’s Day too.

  8. Actually now it is way easier to just add the followers widget, it is GFC just link I said it would be back in September of 08.

  9. How do I get the blogger followers transfers
    to google connect, and then put it on my own
    domain. Is this at all possible? I will lose a lot
    of followers otherwise.

  10. Your followers are already in Google Friend Connect, that is what the followers / Google Friend Connect gadet does. Just add it to your Blogger blog. But if you are forwarding the domain to the Blogger blog, it is not going to be that easy.

    You can also sync the two together in the “advanced settings” on but I have no idea if that will work.

    But it is locked to the domain, you can’t move them around as they are not yours to move.

    Leave the blogger domain where it is and set up a new domain with GFC on it if you prefer but this sounds like an absolute mess to me. That is why I recommend Blogger stays on Blogger and WordPress stays on your domain. Don’t mix the two up.

  11. In other words you can’t move the bogger followers over to GFC. They are two seperates applications that can not be entwined. I will just start again then. People are lazy and don’t move easily, wish google had thought of that. Anyway thanks for replying.

  12. No, GFC and Blogger Followers are wired together. It is that you can’t move them to another domain that is not allowed.

    You can set up GFC on another blog and use the “Invite friends” app and invite your GFC followers if they are in your friends list.

    Does that make sense? I believe you are making this harder than it is. It is not a matter of moving them, it is a matter of “Is the content good enough” for them to join another GFC gadget on another blog.

  13. Yes ok. I understand I can not move them to a seperate domain. Not making life difficult for myself just allowing myself choice. To suggest my new and improved blogs content is substandard, could possibly be true but it needn’t have been said. Neverheless as I say I shall start again , time will tell just how rubbish or indeed prolific a writer I am. Thanks once again for replying.

  14. Thanks for the super simple instructions!

  15. Thanks for the super simple instructions!

  16. I am with blogger, but recently purchased my own domain. I still login to blogger and everything, but have noticed that since I changed my domain, my followers aren’t being notified when I post something. What do I need to do?