Zynga Poker on MyYahoo – iGoogle Next?

MyYahoo is now supporting Zynga’s new Poker game, next stop iGoogle?

Just caught on that the new Zynga Poker game is now running on MyYahoo.

  • Think about how this would run on iGoogle, especially with Google’s huge investment in Zynga.

  • Google Buzz would be the wall for updates.

  • Throw in some Google Wave functionality with real time chat as you type.

  • Buzz as a stand alone app in iGoogle for wall updates and game sharing.

  • Plus some more Google wizardry in an interface the average Joe can use, a homepage.
  • It’s also important to note that you can already play Mafia Wars on MyYahoo and add the app to your MyYahoo home page.

    Here’s the takeaway from my iGoogle / Google Me predictions and my interview by Travis Campbell

    Listen to the entire Google Me interview at the link….

One comment on “Zynga Poker on MyYahoo – iGoogle Next?

  1. Games on iGoogle would be fantastic. Given the functionality of gadgets, the possibilities are endless.

    Buzz would work perfectly as the wall. It’s functionality blows the FB wall away. Throwing in some Wave technology would make the whole experience really come alive. Real-time typing would really suck people in.

    I want my Google Me!