Google Plus Author Thumbnails, Authorship and Author Rank

I was lucky enough to have AJ Kohn take the time to explain how Google Plus Author Thumbnails are created, how setting up Google Authorship can be done four different ways and why the Author Rank Google algorithm is so important to us all today and tomorrow

Take the time to watch the entire G Plus For Business show recording below, there is not one minute to be missed.

Below I give you the minute “in video” start times so you can jump to each part to review all the great things AJ Kohn teaches you in this video.

NOTE: One of the most interesting things AJ Kohn told us is that: “You must use a headshot image on your personal Google profile for Google Plus author thumbnails to be enabled…” That in and of itself made the time we spent on this video worth it and much thanks to AJ for this super meaty presentation.

Jump To Topic by Minutes

What is Authorship: 1:13

3 Link Authorship Method: 4:50

2 Link Authorship Method 5:40

Email Verification Method: 6:10

Head Tag Authorship Method: 8:05

Changes to Author thumbnails presentation: 11:00

You must use a headshot for your Google personal profile pic: 12:50

RSTT – Rich Snippets Testing Tool issues: 13:40

WWW, redirects and more. Use it or not and does it matter?: 17:30

Author Rank / Agent Rank: 25:15

My questions for AJ begin here: 36:00

If you would like to embed or share this Google Plus Author Thumbnails YouTube video this link is the raw video.

The section on your Google+ profile page AJ Kohn is talking about is the “Contributor to” section of your profile about page. This is where you link to your site.

The Official Google Author Verification page is here…

You can read more by AJ Kohn at Blind Five Year Old .com :]

7 comments on “Google Plus Author Thumbnails, Authorship and Author Rank

  1. I just have to say loved the term on this video “we cannot trust google” I may even write about this cause their is no verification I want real world and internet corresponding more in my life and around. Great news I heard here today.

  2. Perfect timing, Chris.

    Look forward to taking notes, AJ…

  3. Probably the 3 link method plus email verification is the best way to go!

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, and what makes it worse is that there is no real time results, you do your thing and wait for a few days to see if it actually work or not!

    I got into more complicated issues being running a multi-authors blog, this one is really tuff, especially that you want to verify your authors, and ask them to link to their author profile pages from their Google+ profile pages, which is almost impossible! Not everyone will actually listen to you!

    So, I end up more confused, never knew what really works, it just worked, and many times it doesn’t!

    • It is really quite easy to link to any page and or website Hesham from Google profiles.

      Look at the bottom of my page on my about tab.

      Scroll to the bottom of that page and Google has the Contributor to section ready and waiting for you to use.

      That is where you link to your Domain if you are a site owner / solo blogger using the 2 Link system.

      That is where you also link to your author page on a multi author blog as well. You can see do I so there, very bottom of the page. – Chris

  4. Thanks for the info Chris, I appreciate it!

  5. Great information guys. I finally managed to get everything to work as it should by following these instructions.

  6. Great tips but I has a question. It is possible generate an business profile in but Can you use a pic of your company without face.. like a building or a logo? and appear your thumbnail?