Gadget MVP Widgets and Apps Are Live

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, your blogs, Android and iPhones, as of today, There is a gadget for that…

Take a good look at these apps, because these are not your fathers widgets, these are marketing gadgets that stick to your followers like glue and bring huge value to their day.

Here is the Howie Schwartz Android app with lots of video and all his Tweets in one place, nice work there Howie!

Margie, my way better half was able to put this powerful Facebook app together in 20 minutes and she does not even have a blog or do video. This is just great aggregated content.

Here’s the Internet Marketing News Android app, just released yesterday.

And here is my Internet Marketing News Facebook app on my fanpage.

Look at the gadget below, Scroll down the gadget and take a look at the Facebook Like button, take a look at the Alerts tab and the Discover tab…. These gadgets were designed for marketing, conversion and list building by top marketers. Sure there are tons of great widgets, apps and gadget making apps out there, but we designed these with you in mind. These are mini websites cross bred with squeeze pages and your business card.

So when it comes to marketing, yep, There is a gadget for that… and it is waiting for you at GadgetMVP right now.

8 comments on “Gadget MVP Widgets and Apps Are Live

  1. Yes! Congrats Chris and looking forward to being a part of this…

  2. This gadget is AWESOME! Congratulations Chris… looks like all your hard work is paying off! I can see how valuable this will be!

  3. The ones I have seen look awesome, and the set up steps are really easy. I am looking forward to seeing more of how they work in action. Margie’s on Facebook is very nice.

  4. I love Margie’s page. Beautiful. Chris’s android app is awesome. Can’t wait to start using this for myself!

  5. All the tabs are live and that makes is so interesting. It is way more than a banner. The feeds feature is pretty nice, too. There is no skimming of content articles but something that has easy to find information from the author of the gadget.
    The gadget is not obnoxious and distracting like so many other things you find on blogs and web pages today. It is a true source of information.

    I like the way you have the subscribe to button on the gadget, too.

    I look forward to learning more about this. I am going to add the app to my phone so I can test it out, too.

    Thanks, Chris.

  6. Love it! Signed up, Need it, want it, Gotta have it!!

  7. Awesome stuff!!!! Cant wait to use this for my clients!!!

  8. Hal Grant on said:

    Read the GadgetMVP App announcement from you and Howie and Margie did hers in 20 minutes…great stuff!
    Did I miss the wedding announement:)